Happy March! Happy International Women’s Day!

My theme this year is “Show up,” and my theme for March is “Show up for other women.” I have to tell you there have been a few 10%s in my life right now, and yesterday was a super rough day. It was like everything just added up to be a lot. Before I crashed, which I didn’t have the option of doing, I knew what I had to do to protect and preserve myself. So, I slept in a bit and eased into the day slowly. Though I was blessed with a huge work day, I took a good look at what I had to do, not what I wanted to do; I just took it easy because I knew I needed some recovery time.

Then I ordered myself a beautiful, healthy lunch, and I sat and ate slowly at my sunny kitchen table. I went back to work, and I looked again at what I had to do. I was honest with my clients, and I said, “I’m sorry everything I told you I’d get you today I’m going to have to get you tomorrow,” and every single one of them said that was okay. I worked as much as I had to and then I took my dog Holly for a long sunny walk. When I got home, I put a podcast on, and in the sun, I made a beautiful, healthy supper. When Darren got home, we went for another long walk so we could talk and I could process how I was feeling. I texted and called my army of support, my girlfriends whom I love so much, to vent and process even further. I felt so loved and supported that day. I had a peaceful quiet evening and went to bed super early. Emotional stuff is exhausting.

As I lay in bed, I thought of the millions of women who just had the day I had. The millions of women who woke up and had a really rough day, who do not have the flexibility at work to move their schedules around. Women who do not have a sunny table to eat at, money for healthy food, or a spouse or partner to share all that with. I thought of and prayed for, the women who do not have an army of supportive friends

So, for March, let’s support other women. Reach out to them and support them in any way you can. Love other women because everyone has bad days.

What can you do to support and show up for other women?