All Storms End

When you read my new book, you will learn I LOVE walking in powerful weather. Saskatchewan has given me more weather to walk in. Luckily, I have a hearty rescue dog, Holly, who is always up for the challenge. I love to walk in the rain, wind and in the middle of a snowstorm. I will bundle up and go and stand in the park and it is like you are in a real live snow globe. I feel powerful. Powerful weather reminds me, all storms end. I have lived through many storms that have ended.

Baby I’m Worth It

Baby I’m worth it, will be my theme song to go with my “Worthiness” theme this year!
At the beginning of the year we picked themes rather than New Years Resolutions. I created a download for you to help you pick your theme for this year, what was yours, and have you continued to use it in your daily, weekly or monthly routine? If you did not receive the FREE download make sure to DM me, and I will send your way, so you can join us for the rest of the year!
If you are having a down day you have to pump this song! I promise you it will make you feel better.
I believe in treating yourself, and it is my favorite thing to do, sometimes you just need to blast your favorite music. And when I do, Baby I’m worth it is the song for me to dance around to. My family LOVES when I do this….
Share your song below that matches your ‘theme’ for this year!

Practicing What I Preach!

Many people ask me this… Is this how you truly live? And my answer is the same every time, it absolutely is!! I EAT, WATCH AND READ 90%!!!
Some people feel like they need real proof that this motivational stuff really works, well let me tell you. Here I am!! I am an eternal optimist with a realistic view.
What is important to understand and what I mention in my books is that being positive does not mean we do not have personal problems. We all have problems…I have problems, but the difference between happy people and unhappy is what you are willing to work on daily. The happiest people I know are fully committed to their personal development.
I have ample opportunities in my life to practice what I preach! So the answer to your question is YES, I truly live this way, and so can you!

Thank You Saskatchewan Heavy Construction

I am thrilled to be back here in Saskatoon speaking again. Nothing better than getting ready in an empty banquet room.
Thank you to Saskatchewan Heavy Construction for inviting me to be your keynote speaker today!

Leo Leclair’s Bench

In sunny Saskatoon today for a live event!!
So great to be back and this city is hopping with people.
I love to walk and the Meewasin trails in Saskatoon have some of the best trails in the country. I always take time to sit on Leo Leclair’s bench.
The beautiful riverbank has painted rocks with beautiful sayings, I am feeling very blessed this morning.

Look in the Mirror

If anyone understands that life is what you make it, it’s me!! I have literally built the life I have wanted.
I have discovered a solution to help you live your life, do your job, and connect with people who matter most, to the fullest. I have spent most of my life looking for happy people, scanning the room for the smiling faces.
We read self-help books, go to conferences, hear speakers and listen to podcasts on how to be happier, BUT does it work for you? Are you happier?
For 26 years I have been sharing tough love with empathy, creating perspective shifts and having an impact on hundreds of businesses. I truly walk the walk and talk the talk!!
I want you to look in the mirror and ask yourself “Have I had enough of being unhappy?” Even during the worst times, there are still things to be grateful for and smile about.

Let’s Celebrate

Nothing is going to stop me this year! It is with great growth through hard times and some incredible times that I am where I am today and the person I have become.
Today is special, and I will make sure to honor my theme of worthiness today as a promise to myself this year.
The world-renowned expert Tal Ben-Shahar provides tools and techniques that can help you grow and thrive in difficult times. His book, HAPPIER, No Matter What: Cultivating Hope, Resilience, and Purpose in Hard Times really shows you what to focus on, where you have your magnifying glass, what you seek you will find!!
What is your magnifying glass focused on today?
Let’s celebrate together today!

Speaker Life

Inside the life of me as a speaker.
As a speaker I show up with respect for my audience and my client, I bring enthusiasm for what I do and a message I am proud of, and that is my 90%. I spend a lot of my time as a speaker getting better at my job.
When I get home from my presentations, confetti does not fall from my ceiling and a red carpet does not roll down my driveway. No matter how much success I have on the road. All my family cares about is that I come home happy; and the question I am usually asked when I walk in the door is… what’s for dinner!
I believe what we focus on determines how we live our lives.
My focus on the 90% message will help you and your team to find positives at work, rise above adversity, and triumph in all you do!


Lay Out Your Stress

If we laid our stress out like a bumper sticker or like the “new driver” sign on the back of your car, what would it look like? “Been through a divorce,” “Just lost a child,” etc. What would your bumper sticker say?
Our problems do not go away; they just grow into bigger problems if we don’t try and resolve them! It is time to see what your bumper sticker would say and lay that sucker out…
I speak from the experience of carrying around my own stresses for years until I finally had to say enough!
It is time to realize that if this is my reality and I can’t change it, what can I do to make it better?
What “suckers” do you have to lay out?
What would your bumper sticker say…?
Choosing to deal with what is on your bumper sticker is hard, but it has the opportunity to change your life.
Let’s lay our suckers out!

Take Care of Yourself

If you came to my house and you were feeling overwhelmed, I would take care of you. I would tell you to sit on the couch and I would make you tea. I would warm blankets in the dryer and cover you with them. I would shut the blinds, put the fireplace on and put on a calming waterfall playlist. I would tell you to have a nap, a rest.  So why wouldn’t we do that for ourselves?