Celebrating Life

Five years ago, I was speaking at a Chamber of Commerce event and an amazing woman appeared in my life. Nicole was a light in the room and ran over to me to share the story of her dad, Mel. Nicole told me her dad was fighting Glioblastoma Brain Cancer and rather than waiting to celebrate his life when he was gone, they were celebrating his life while he was alive too. WOW. I loved that idea so much. Why do we wait until someone is gone to celebrate them?
Nicole and I became fast friends and I got to know her special dad, Mel. Mel became my friend too. He was a true example of someone who remained optimistic and kind, despite his fifteen-year health challenge. Mel passed away last week and he is a reminder to me to live life to the absolute fullest. Let’s celebrate people while they are alive to enjoy it. We will miss you, Mel.

What Were Your Last Three Google Searches

I attended a conference where they asked all of the attendees to share with the person beside you, what your last three Google searches were…it was very eye opening for me!
I was excited as the room began to interact with each other, I turn to the woman sitting next to me and with a big smile on my face I was ready to see what she has been searching on Google.
Her name was Margaret and I don’t think she was prepared for me to be her partner. We looked at each other and Margaret went first…here are her last 3 Google searches:
1. Cream Chicken
2. Soup in the city
3. Love real food
Now it was my turn, I smiled and shared with Margaret in return. To those of you who know me this might not come at a surprise. My last 3 Google searches were:
1. Tropical Armoires
2. Regina Weather
3. Hottest website designs
It’s your turn… What were your three Google searches?

Amazing Technology

Technology today blows my mind!! I am so completely and utterly amazed by it today. How is it possible that my vehicle can read back the text you have sent me…? Google Earth… What? How can my doorbell camera show up on my phone…? And is it possible that the weather channel knows what kind of boots I was shopping for only ONE sec. ago that are now on sale…? I can Shazam, Translator, a song? Anyone who works in the tech industry, I have to say, is a genius with everything at our fingertips today.
I opened my browser on my laptop today and was completely overwhelmed with all of the online ad’s.
Tech wifi on the plane, people complaining about wifi, can we focus on the fact this tube stays in the air? Remember when that was amazing? We have come a long way and I am grateful on many levels of the unlimited access today.
As addicting as it is to have this technology at our fingertips, let’s remember to find some time in the day for ourselves, put our phones down, tuck the laptop away, turning our computers off, unplug and recharge.

Peace of Mind

I am officially done my new book for women called, Embrace the 90% – How to Slay Fear, Defy your Labels and Love Yourself. In one of the final chapters, I share a quote by speaker and author Michael B. Beckwith that says, “If this experience were to last forever, what quality would have to emerge for me to have peace of mind?” This quote has changed how I show up when there is conflict around me.
There is a lot going on and some of it feels like it is lasting forever. We are still feeling the mental and physical effects of COVID, war abroad and for some of us, winter has returned. That is in addition to what our day-to-day life already throws our way. We are busy doing our jobs, running our businesses, leading teams, providing customer service and running our households! It’s a lot. People are worn out. So how can we have peace of mind in the middle of all of that?
I guess I would answer that with a question, “Despite all of the experiences that are going on around YOU, what are you doing to emerge with peace of mind?” What are you doing to grow as a person despite the experiences? How many times a day do you move your thoughts from what you can’t control to what you can?

All Storms End

When you read my new book, you will learn I LOVE walking in powerful weather. Saskatchewan has given me more weather to walk in. Luckily, I have a hearty rescue dog, Holly, who is always up for the challenge. I love to walk in the rain, wind and in the middle of a snowstorm. I will bundle up and go and stand in the park and it is like you are in a real live snow globe. I feel powerful. Powerful weather reminds me, all storms end. I have lived through many storms that have ended.

Baby I’m Worth It

Baby I’m worth it, will be my theme song to go with my “Worthiness” theme this year!
At the beginning of the year we picked themes rather than New Years Resolutions. I created a download for you to help you pick your theme for this year, what was yours, and have you continued to use it in your daily, weekly or monthly routine? If you did not receive the FREE download make sure to DM me, and I will send your way, so you can join us for the rest of the year!
If you are having a down day you have to pump this song! I promise you it will make you feel better.
I believe in treating yourself, and it is my favorite thing to do, sometimes you just need to blast your favorite music. And when I do, Baby I’m worth it is the song for me to dance around to. My family LOVES when I do this….
Share your song below that matches your ‘theme’ for this year!

Practicing What I Preach!

Many people ask me this… Is this how you truly live? And my answer is the same every time, it absolutely is!! I EAT, WATCH AND READ 90%!!!
Some people feel like they need real proof that this motivational stuff really works, well let me tell you. Here I am!! I am an eternal optimist with a realistic view.
What is important to understand and what I mention in my books is that being positive does not mean we do not have personal problems. We all have problems…I have problems, but the difference between happy people and unhappy is what you are willing to work on daily. The happiest people I know are fully committed to their personal development.
I have ample opportunities in my life to practice what I preach! So the answer to your question is YES, I truly live this way, and so can you!

Thank You Saskatchewan Heavy Construction

I am thrilled to be back here in Saskatoon speaking again. Nothing better than getting ready in an empty banquet room.
Thank you to Saskatchewan Heavy Construction for inviting me to be your keynote speaker today!