Are You Driving Your Kids …

You thought I was going to complete that sentence with the word crazy right! We take so much for granted these days, especially when it comes to time spent with our kids and family. As a parent, life has its routines like; driving your kids to early morning practice, over to a friend’s house or picking them up when they need a ride. Don’t see it as a chore, see it as a golden opportunity to spend quality time with them. There is nothing better than a car full of laughter. Make the best of it, I still cherish every opportunity I get to drive my kids … happily.

Me Changing Me

We likely all have people in our lives who see things from a negative perspective. We tend to look at them and judge them in the same manner. Most of us were raised being told that we can’t change those people, they are who they are, and we have a choice to accept them into our hearts, or not. I learned there is a third choice, change how you react to them. Be less judgmental, be compassionate and try to be a positive influence. Changing you could be the start of them changing them.

Wooden signpost with two opposite arrows over green leaves background. OLD ME versus NEW ME directional signs Choice concept image

Are You Happy?

Happiness is…
Ask yourself, are you happy, are you successful? Happiness and success are measured differently by everyone and are often confused. Success is often measured against how you are doing in your job, your personal wealth, but not necessarily how you see yourself as a person. I have had conversations with people that appear to be successful in their work, but freely state they are unhappy and would “give everything up” just to be happy. My dad always said, “If you are happy, you are successful.” Agreed.