Lessons Learned

I grew up in the early ’70s with my dad. He would tell you that we grew up together. He taught me so much about life and I learned a lot of life lessons from him. I loved those early years. I can close my eyes and see the little, tiny house we lived in. I loved that house. We had so many mice in the dirt basement house that we often kept them as pets. I learned … you didn’t need a lot to be happy.
I had a very special dog named Paddy. My dad took me to the humane society when I was a year old to pick her out for our new life together. Paddy lived to be 18-years-old. She and I grew up together. She and I were both rescues. Dad was right, I did need her. I learned … every home needs a pet.
My bedroom was filled with hand-me-down furniture and anything that was homemade. My dad had a soft spot for well-made things. I learned … the value of homemade things.
The garage in our back yard was where my dad first started fixing Volkswagens. As a teenager, he had rolled his sister’s beetle after a party, and he fixed it back up for her. You can still find my dad in his garage. I learned … how to be an entrepreneur.
We ate really healthy — lots of beans, rice, and veggies that my dad grew in our huge garden. Friday was called “goulash” night, and everything we didn’t eat all week got put in a frying pan. I wasn’t allowed to have sugar. My dad paid to have all my baby teeth capped silver. He called my teeth his Ferrari as he joked; he could have bought one with the money those teeth cost. Imagine how much money the tooth fairy brought for a silver tooth. I gave all of my Halloween candy away to children in need. I learned … how to eat healthily and to share.
I helped with everything: cooking, cleaning, laundry, and vacuuming. I would even sew buttons on shirts on Saturday mornings while I watched cartoons from our orange and brown floral couch. I learned … families stick together.
My dad had motivational books on the coffee table, went to meetings and parenting classes. I learned … personal development is important.
I love you dad. I learned … how to always say, I love you.
Happy Father’s Day.

Happy National Public Service Week!!

I spent another early morning webinar with Service New Brunswick team members. Some of the nicest people you will ever meet, even in a zoom chat!

A public service job is a great job. A really great job. What if I meet you at a BBQ and you didn’t know me and I didn’t know you? What if at that barbeque I asked you if you like your job? (After one beer, the story can change at five, lol.) What would you say to a stranger at a BBQ if they asked you if you like your job?

What we say to that person is often the story we tell of our work. However, is it a true story? Sometimes people complain, but they actually like their job? Why do we do that? Because it is a habit. Let’s change the habit. Let’s be grateful for our job instead.


Thank you Job Zone!

I enjoy working for those who do so much for others.

What a webinar with Job Zone Your Employment Resource Centre in beautiful Cornwall, Ontario, this morning. I have fully embraced my new normal and really enjoying my virtual reality.
Not only do I love delivering webinars, but I enjoy them, even more, when I am speaking to a group that does so much for others. Finding employment for people who need a job is essential work. Thank you, Julie, for recognizing the need to fill your team members’ professional and personal toolbox who do so much for others. We need to feed ourselves first — mentally, physically, spiritually, and intellectually. Then we can feed the four-legged and two-legged in our households. THEN we can go to work and feed the world.

Do you work at an employment services office? Let’s fill your toolboxes back up! Let’s celebrate how well you have done adapting to connecting and servicing your employers and job seekers.

Meadow Lake Co-op!

Have you ever had a job you did not like? Have you ever had a job that made you fully appreciate the job you have now?
I think jobs are like dating. You need to date who you know you don’t want to marry first. Then when you meet a handsome farm boy in the bar (28 years ago) you can think, yes, you are perfect. I know how great you are because I dated what wasn’t great. Jobs are the same. We need to have a job that makes us appreciate the job we have.
If work for a Co-op, you know what I mean. Co-ops are one of my favourite clients and all you have to do is work some else to appreciate that. There are few companies who offer training, support and treat their employees well like Co-op does. If you work there, you are blessed!

Thank you Biggar Day Care

Hi! Do you know anyone who works in child care? They may be eligible for free training!! ‘
Thank you Biggar Day Care for this great testimonial.
We found Darren & Darci’s seminar to be super helpful for our team, particularly around strategies for supporting positive mental and emotional health for ourselves and for others. We are applying what we have learned through this PD both in the staff room and in the classrooms. We got together and watched the session recordings as a group over several evenings, since the weekday morning live sessions were not ideal for us.
We got 100% reimbursement for the registration fees from the Reopen Saskatchewan Training Subsidy!!

Thank you so much Cathy for this email today:

Darci, I have a question. How did you come up with the ratio 90/10%. Why not 70/30 or 80/20. Somehow I think that many of us have more than 10% negative in our lives.
My response:
Hi Cathy! LOL. Well, when I started speaking, I wanted to call it 93% vs. 7%, but people told me I was too happy! For sure, there are certainly those whose negatives are far greater than 10%. I know there are many people suffering in many ways these days. If my message doesn’t resonate with those who think that the percentage is high, I hope that it will spark them to find something else that they do resonate with. Maybe not my message, but a start to find more personal development tools to help them.
I am blessed with health today, a job, a cool home on a hot day, adorable pets, a safe province, a safe neighborhood, young adult children navigating their way in the world, and a husband who is my best friend. So when I dig deep, it really is 90% once I start with my health. And yet surprisingly, those who I know who really shine and find the 90%s, some have ENORMOUS 10% challenges — 10%s so big that the world would ask them, “How can you still be happy?” But they are. They are my heroes. Wait until you read my fourth book, Embrace the 90%. I will share even more reasons why life is truly, 90% good.

Background. Concept: The sun always shines after the rain. Rain drops on the glass and sunshine in the clouds. Sky after the storm. Day. Summer. Spring. Beauty of nature.

Thank you Churchbridge Credit Union

Thank you, Churchbridge Credit Union, for a wonderful webinar. I have a photographic memory and I take a mental picture of every event that I speak at. I could close my eyes as I waited for our webinar to start yesterday and remember the room and the Churchbridge crowd from 2017! If you have met me, you know I like to go around the room to meet and greet. I have coffee and lunch with as many people as I can. Chat has become my new way of connecting virtually. It is amazing how kindness comes through the second people log on and start chatting.
Thank you for being so kind and hiring me … again!