Close Up Radio

Thank you very much for the opportunity to be a guest on Close Up Radio. What a great interview, if you were unable to attend today I have attached the replay for you. Simply click the link below and have a listen.. Replay Link:…/close-up-radio… Thank you to all who were able to attend to support me and join the live event today.

Happy International Women’s Day!

I am so grateful to be a woman living in this country with these opportunities. There are a lot of people who wish for our 10% problems. I started three companies at 24 years old and have controlled my own destiny for 28 years. I have faced all the hard 10%s in my life to be able to move my magnifying glass to the 90%s. Cheers to all of you on this international day.

You Are Beautiful

What a sunny, bright package to receive today. Nothing better than something from Hipbees! Something extra and “you are beautiful” stickers. What can you do to show more love in what you mail to people?

Thank You Red River Valley School Division

Thank you Red River Valley School Division for inviting me to speak at your wellness day! Everyone in Education SO DESERVES a wellness day.
I will say it again, the only thing we can control right now in a world of what we can’t control, is how we take care of ourselves. If you want the people around you to be happy, nourished, rested and taken care of. Be that. If you want people to be well. Be well. What have you done to celebrate your teachers and support staff?

Lifting Up

I went to the grocery store and there was a small table with plants for sale. There on that table there was a small plant that needed so much love. Her pot was hanging halfway off of the table and it looked like she might fall. She was wilted, her leaves were dirty, her ends were brown and she was in desperate need of some water. I have been there, in need of a haircut, nourishment and love.
She looked like she was clinging onto the little life she had left in her. Her pot was cracked which made me think, had she fallen off of that table before? I could not possibly leave her there. I picked her up and put her in the front of my cart. I brought her home and put her in a new pot and I watered her. I gently wiped the dirt away and trimmed her dry ends. Within hours she was alive again and her wilted leaves lifted to the sky. She sits on my desk as I write. Every day she looks better and better, she is growing.
I know it is a tough time with health, weather and all things going on in the world. It feels like clinging on the edge of the table. The only one thing we can control is how we take care of ourselves and others.
Hang in there.

Love Languages

Have you read the book The Five Love Languages?
This is by far one of the most important books we have read in our marriage. I am an “acts of service” love language, which means if you do “something” for me I feel loved. Like unload the dishwasher, wash my van or put the laundry away.
Darren is a “physical touch” guy. So, all he wants is to walk hand in hand or sit on the couch together. I don’t want to do that! I have many things on his “acts of service” list to get done. He doesn’t always want to do something on my endless list either!
But we both take time to speak each other’s language, that is one of the ways we feel loved.

Still in Love

I was sitting in a waiting room one day and noticed a very sweet frail elderly couple snuggled on the couch sitting across from me.
They looked so sweet, I smiled, and they smiled back. The man says, “You better be careful we might start making out on this couch.” I burst out laughing. I responded, “It is wonderful that you are still so in love.” He cupped her face in his hands and gave her a kiss and said,” I am so lucky she is my bride.” My heart melted.
As they got up for their appointment, I wanted to spend the afternoon with them, asking them what they did to keep their relationship so strong and so loving.

My Love of Being Fed!

One of the greatest gifts you could give me is the gift of being fed. I am a very mindful conscious eater but I will eat ANYTHING that is cooked for me!
Especially if it is made with love.
I order meals from a local catering company, Munch. They create amazing dishes, made by amazing people. The Munch Mission is to provide food services training and employment opportunities for adults with cognitive disabilities. This mission is unique to Regina, so please help support their journey or any local businesses in your area that do amazing things.