Darci Lang Focus on the 90%


What Clients Say!

Relatable. Inspiring. Authentic. These words (and more) describe our experience with Darci Lang. Lloydminster and District Co-op is comprised of a very diverse team: frontline staff, management, and executive leaders ages 17 to 70. Darci’s presentation was engaging, uplifting, and energetic. To this day, our staff talk about focusing on the 90%. I can confidently say Darci ensured the values of our organization were clearly communicated through her message. In fact, Darci actively listened to our team throughout the day, and ensured their experiences were included as unique examples in her keynote. Talk about connection! If you’re looking for a true professional to best reflect your brand and values – in any setting, across any industry – I wholeheartedly recommend Darci Lang.

Leanne Hawes, CEO

Lloydminster and District Co-op

We held our first Leadership Summit in 2019. Having worked with Darci previously, it was an easy decision for our planning committee to choose her to speak to our Team at our inaugural event. Darci’s passion for life, people and the Co-op is evident as she engages her audience through personal experience story-telling and interaction. She received rave reviews from our Team, many of whom said she was one of the best and most engaging speakers they have ever seen. I highly recommend Darci’s services to any organization that is considering an event.

Dennis Laing, Genera

Westview Co-operative Association Limited

Darci presented to our entire staff at our annual Organizational Development Day. Her practical and very motivating message, along with her energetic, friendly attitude made for one of the best guest speakers we have seen. We have received nothing but positive feedback about her session, and staff are already requesting that we bring her back next year!! Her message is one that everyone should hear, and it can be applied to every part of your life. We would highly recommend Darci for your next event!


Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation

Darci presented at our 2019 annual Staff Gathering. When we bring all of our staff together, it is important for the speaker to be dynamic, engaging and to share a message that is relevant to each employee regardless of their role. Darci exceeded our expectations in this regard! Darci’s message not only applies to our professional environments; it extends in our personal relationships and approach to work-life balance. I believe the impact of Darci’s message will be broad and long-lasting.

Great Plains College
Noreen Volk, CPHR, Manager of Human Resources

Great Plains College

Our organization has been benefiting from Darci’s presentations for a few years now. We recently had her present to 200 of our front line Advisors and the crowd was completely engaged in the information being shared, they willingly participated and the line up to meet Darci at the end of the day was long. Darci have excellent presentation skills and can really keep the focus strong. She quickly reads the audience and adapts to maintain their interest. I do not hesitate in giving Darci Lang a high recommend.

Alan Myles

The Co-operators

It was obvious after taking over a new department that the culture needed a make over. A negative demeanor seemed to be affecting most of the workforce and change was needed. While looking for someone to come in and give the workforce the boost it needed I discovered Darci. The impact of her presentation was immediate and continues as we have had her back on several occasions to deliver her message. When employees, union and spouses thank you for bringing someone in to deliver a message of positivity, it's tells you the effect of her message.

Pat McDonald


Darci's "Focus on the 90%" was a great message for our supervisors because of the array of situations they handle every day. Her stories were relatable and funny which really helped drive home the message to see the good in all situations. The responses were positive and everyone appreciated her speaking with us. I believe everyone took in something that will help them in their work and home life - especially to take the time to leave any work-related stress at work to give 90% towards family. We highly recommend any group to see Darci Lang's "Focus on the 90%".

Co-op Refinery
Tracey Currie

Coop Refinery Complex

I had heard Darci was a good speaker however, I was unsure exactly if or how her presentation would be different and unique to our specific audience. It’s a positive message to be sure but honestly sometimes those positive messages can come across a bit trite or “canned”. Darci’s was neither of those in the least. Being the lead organizer, I obviously was hoping for the best and from my perspective she greatly exceeded all my expectations. That “90%” message and the “3 times then let that sucker go” are pretty easy phrases for people to take away and remember for a long time making it much easier to actually implement her message. Obviously, this is a message Darci lives out and that makes it easier for her to speak authentically about it. To me, that authenticity moves a speaker from good to great. Overall, I would give Darci a very high grade and would, no actually I will recommend her to colleagues and friends alike.

SasK Polytech
Byron Janzen

Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Our team was blown away by your talk, thank you so much for giving us a peak into your life and providing strong business/personal advice along the way! Truly inspiring.

John Porter


Thank you for presenting at the Community Futures Ontario 25th Annual Conference. Your workshop presentation was very well received. We so appreciate you sharing your organization’s information and your professional insights with delegates of the CF Ontario network.

Community Futures Ontario
Diana Jedig

Community Futures Ontario

To say that Darci received great feedback from attendees across five provinces would be an understatement. Her message was so simple and yet so impactful. The comments from our guests: “She was phenomenal, extremely engaging”, “If everyone experienced one of Darci's talks the world would be an exceptionally kinder, more accepting, positive place”, “If everyone in the room practices even one of Darci's tips, our relationships – both professional and personal – would greatly benefit”. Darci was frequently referred to as “inspirational”, “relevant”, “engaging” and “entertaining”. Thank you, Darci an unforgettable experience all around!



Darci really set the tone for the day right from the off. There is no doubt she helped deliver our aims around leadership and made us all think in a positive way which will help drive the Co-operative movement forward. She was refreshingly attentive in the run-up to our event and our post-event attendee survey was brimming with comments about "bringing the 90% to work today" and her "inspiring energy and message" - it was safe to say the 'three times then let it go' idea was a big hit! If you need to start your event or meeting with a bang, it's a no brainer to invite Darci.

Will McGlynn


After having the opportunity to hear Darci Lang speak once regarding “Focusing on the 90%”; I knew I had to bring into our two long-term care homes to re-energize our staff. Healthcare, and long-term care specifically, are tough jobs and we all needed to be taught/reminded how to focus on the best parts. Darci delivered in spades, creating a fun, informative but teaching opportunity about the choices we make. A testament to how effectively the message was delivered is that our buildings are still buzzing with snippets from Darci’s teachings.
To say Darci is the ‘real deal’; is an understatement. You only have to spend a few moments with her to see that she ‘walks her talk’. On behalf of our Homes and communities, I can’t thank Darci enough for motivating us to focus on the 90%.

Renfrew County
Shelley Sheedy RN BScN MHS
Director of Long-Term Care

Bonnechere Manor and Miramichi Lodge

Darci was the key note speaker at our staff development day. She delivered an upbeat, energizing message of "Focus on the 90%" tied directly too many of the changes we are experiencing at work and in our lives. She reminded us we have a choice in how we live our lives and how we work with others.
Our staff had a lot of fun, thoroughly enjoyed Darci's sense of humour and stories from her life experience. It was truly an uplifting day for our Credit Union.

Westoba Credit Union
Jim Rediger, President and CEO

Westoba Credit Union

Darci’s message is rooted in good, age-old advice of empathy, understanding and self-care. Her message is uplifting and easy to apply to individual lives, whether that be with clients or colleagues at work, or with personal relationships in life and at home. It’s hard to argue with or dismiss her enthusiasm to find out what really makes people happy. It’s a great reminder to focus on what’s important and to change how you approach different circumstances in life. Thank you for encouraging, engaging and uplifting our spirits!

Assiniboine Community College
Julie Muller, CPHR, BBA
Director, Human Resources

Assiniboine Community College

Darci spoke at our Staff Gathering as a kick-off to our 2018 Academic Year. Her message was on point and a great reminder about not only what we do at Assiniboine Community College, but why we do it. Our faculty and staff are committed to giving students an exceptional learning experience and sometimes it’s easy to forget that when we get busy and feeling stressed. Since her session I’ve heard people say, “Focus on the 90%”. We appreciated her authentic, motivating, and relatable message.

Assiniboine Community College
Pam Roberts

Assiniboine Community College

Darci is amazing! I first saw her speak at Greatness In Leadership. I knew I had to bring her back to speak to our organization. And she didn’t disappoint. Before presenting she really got to know who we are and the presentation was tailored towards our manufacturing business. It’s not the first time we’ve brought in a speaker for our male dominated staff. I’ve never seen the guys so engaged and all the feedback has been positive. Darci spoke for an hour and a half and it felt like 10 minutes. Darci loves what she does and I guarantee she will boost positivity in your workplace. I highly recommend Darci to speak to your staff.

Leth Iron
Dylan Davies, Vice-President Operations

Lethbridge Iron Works co. Ltd.

Thank you Darci – everyone was very impressed and happy with your presentation and great message. It was just what the College needed as we head into the busy Fall semester and finish the strategic planning process. Much appreciated!

University of Saskatchewan
Heather Exner-Pirot

University of Saskatchewan, College of Nursing

Darci Lang is an outstanding speaker. She really knows how to give the audience energy and she does a great job of having the audience participate throughout the session. Darci really took the time to get to know our organization and our employees so she could tailor her presentation to our group. She spent half a day with our management team with a customized presentation for leaders. Her willingness to get to know the organization and her interest in doing so is exceptional. Darci has an amazing energy, a great sense of humor, and has a very relevant and inspirational message.

Discovery Co-op
Discovery Co-op

Darci is an excellent speaker and provided some great tools for our staff as they face some big challenges! It was so beneficial how she made insightful inquiries ahead of time so she could have knowledge of the staff, our organization, positives and negatives, and upcoming challenges so she could target her program to our needs. She is so personable and down to earth that everyone in the room related easily to her. She added humour plus her own personal, sometimes painful, stories, made it very real and all who listened could easily relate. Her “Focus On The 90%” is an essential concept in today’s world where mental health and wellness needs are expanding. It is an approach that every person can utilize. I would recommend her presentation to any group!

Indigenous Services Canada
Allison Fieldgate, Acting Manager Administrative Services

First Nations & Inuit Health, Saskatchewan, Indigenous Services Canada

I had lots of great comments the last couple days about the event with your talk being the most enjoyable. I truly believe it hit home for many there.J

Cavalier Agrow
Rick Knot

Cavalier Agrow

“Darci Lang message was one that everyone should hear. She was rated very high in the feedback we received from the attendees at our “Invest in Your Business” conference and our “Focus of the 90%” evening session. She is one of the best keynote speakers I have heard. If you have the chance to hear Darci – go, don’t hesitate, you won’t be sorry!”

City of Pembroke
Heather Salovaara, Economic Development Officer

City of Pembroke

Lorraine MacKenzie, Executive Director

Upper Ottawa Valley Chamber of Commerce

I just can’t say enough about the positive comments I am hearing from our group! This is no surprise to me of course but wanted to share how truly touched they were. I heard how much they loved your easy humour in getting the points across. Very useful, memorable tactics.

Jane Button

Conexus Credit Union

I wanted to say thank you again for a great presentation - everyone was blown away! you truly inspire me to try and be better in both my professional and personal life.

Ryan Reynard

Northern Ontario Community Futures Corporations

Darci re-energized our monthly meeting with her motivational and achievable message.

Project Management Institute

Project Management Institute

Darci’s “Focus on the 90%” presentation resonated well with the audience. One comment to our organizing committee was “Her authenticity, personal approach, humour, and humility were spot in the the delivery of her message.” I would highly recommend Darci to anyone in search of a motivational speaker.

Government of Saskatchewan
Jeff Welke, Executive Director, Communications

Ministry of Finance, Government of Saskatchewan

Thank you for such a wonderful morning yesterday. I feel all of this will go a long way with the MuniSoft team. Your message will give us something to encourage and discuss throughout the years.

Jamie Dent


Connie said that everyone really enjoyed Darci’s Focus on the 90% presentation. Some of the comments from the attendees are “Darci Lang was absolutely awesome. What an amazing speaker!” And Darci’s talk was absolutely amazing!”

Connie Coelho, Program Manager, Conferences

Ontario Hospitals Association

I was looking for a motivational speaker and had heard great things about Darci Lang so we brought her in to present to our Educational Assistants and Youth Workers to Focus on the 90%.

I couldn’t be happier with her presentation as she really connected with the audience in an easy and very interactive manner. Her pre-work in getting to know our organization and what we wanted was extremely thorough. She even surveyed the participants ahead of time so she could tailor her presentation to meet their needs. Our group left very motivated to make improvements in both their work and private lives.

I would highly recommend Darci as a speaker to any organization that wants to motivate and challenge their employees to look in the mirror to make positive changes in their lives.

Chinook School Division
Bob Vavra, Superintedent of Learning

Chinook School Division

You are an inspiration with your intuition, courage, honesty and loving yet challenging approach to focus on the 90%! I believe everyone needs to hear your message.

Hope's Home
Jacqueline Tisher, CEO/Founder

Hope's Home

We had Darci present at our Manager’s meeting in February. We wanted a motivational speaker who understood our business, our customers and our employee’s challenges. Darci took the time to get to know our company and customize her program around our business. Her attention to detail and ability to deliver her program around our specific needs resulted in over 100 Manager’s responding with overwhelming positive feedback. Darci was able to provide the tools and awareness to stay focused on the power of embracing a 90% positive attitude every day and leave behind the 10% negative. Engaging, energetic , an excellent Motivational Speaker!

Brenda J Power – Corporate Training Manager

Kent Building Supplies

The delegates at the Ontario East Municipal Conference rated Darci’s key note presentation as excellent or very good. Comments included “Darci provided the delegates with some great ideas which can be implement in our organizations” and “One of the best keynotes I’ve ever seen. Exactly the message I needed to hear. Darci’s message was greatly appreciated.”

Bonnie O'Neill

Ontario East Economic Development Commission

It was a pleasure and a privilege to have you join us at our Pharmacy Technician Conference. The attendees rated you the best speaker at the conference. You delivered a very encouraging message with warmth and with lots of fun. You are irrepressibly upbeat and inspiring women of our generation. I am very happy to have cross paths with you at a time when our profession was in need of a boost on how to better ‘team build’ by creating positive work relationships and how to become the uplifting influence to those around you.

Bal Dhillon

PTSBC Director

We have had the pleasure of Darci addressing our staff on various occasions. Darci brings energy, passion and true life experience into her sessions, creating a fun, educational and engaging atmosphere. She caters her presentation to the company she is speaking to, making it a unique experience. The staff were truly impacted by her presentation, and we even have 90-10 discussions at work! Darcy is truly a pleasure to work with and I would definitely recommend her without hesitation

Alberta Energy Regulator
Kevin Artinian

Alberta Energy Regulator

On behalf of everyone in property management, thank you for a most inspiring afternoon. The feedback from everyone I have spoken to yesterday and today has been wonderful, they just wish it could have been longer. You are an amazing and genuine person Darci and I would love the opportunity to hear you again.

June Fedrau


Your message was powerful and impactful. Every single person I have spoken to about your message was motivated and moved by something you said. I look forward to seeing the outcomes from choosing to see our lives through the lens of the 90%.

Brandon Carter

Conexus Credit Union

Thank you Darci for your engaging and empowering presentation at our recent employee professional development day. Your real world experiences and perspectives kept us all captivated and motivated to concentrate on the 90%!

Churchbridge Credit Union

Churchbridge Credit Union

Thank you for coming and speaking at our event. Everyone that I talked to loved your presentation, and were talking about it well after you were done. My hopes are that we all make some changes in our life to focus on the 90.

Alberta Energy Regulator
Mike Haltiner

Alberta Energy Regulator

Darci’s talk was the highlight of the Canadian Nuclear Industry Leadership Program, and don’t just take my word for it, that’s what the participants said (delegates from Bruce Power, CNSC, OPG, Cameco, etc.) and it’s why we had her back for the second year. In an industry where we sometimes focus to much on technical knowledge, Darci’s personal development and leadership message was exactly what we needed. Having Darci on your program means you’ll have an event that will be talked about and never forgotten.

Alex Fallon

Founder, Canadian Nuclear Industry Leadership Program (Hosted at McMaster University and UOIT)

Your session was the highlight for everyone at our PD Day. It is life changing for many, including me. Your energy and passion are contagious! Thank you so much!

MD Financial Management
Marc Lepage

MD Financial Ontario

You were everything I’d hoped you’d be. Thank you for the best experience. The office has been buzzing with “90 percent thoughts”. You definitely left a strong impression! You are impressive!

Wendy Newton

T and T Group of Companies

I have already received so many positive responses! Thank you for making our special staff day an opportunity for real bonding between staff and management. You have such a glowing personality that it was easy for everyone to draw you and your message into their hearts.

Prairie Branches Saskatchewan
Colleen Friesen

Prairie Branches Saskatchewan

I truly believe your positive energy, sense of humour and ability to relate to the group you were speaking to, motivated them as they returned to work.

Erin Tibble

Maximize Conference Committee Member

From the beginning stages of planning, to the personalization of her message, to her presentation at our Annual General Meeting – working with Darci and her team was an absolute pleasure. I would highly recommend Darci and look forward to working with her in the future.

Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce
Deneen Everett

Executive Director | Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce

Darci kept our staff team of 130 engaged and reminded all of us of how critical it is to Focus on the 90% in our day to day lives.

Cosmopolitan Industries
Denise Young

Program Director | Cosmopolitan Industries Ltd.

Darci was able to quickly gauge our team members and adapt when needed. Her words were inspiring and authentic; everyone in attendance was able to relate to her hardships and accomplishments. There were many moments of silence, laughter and tears; we have never seen our team members more connected.

Wild Rose Co-op
Crystal Zinck

Human Resources Manager | Wild Rose Co-operative Association Ltd

Darci Lang was the highlight of our annual operations conference; she personalized her message to appeal to a diverse audience that included field technicians and head office employees. Darci’s energetic presentation was uplifting and reminded us to focus on the positive – that is, the 90%.

CHES Alberta
Crystal Helbrecht

AltaGas Utilities Inc.

Darci came to the community of Sault Ste. Marie, which has been hard hit by economic challenges, bringing with her message of Focusing on the 90% has been able to plant the seeds for a future change in direction and realization of how powerful a positive attitude can change your life, lives of others and even a community.

CHES Alberta
Rory Ring, CEO

Sault Ste. Marie Chamber of Commerce

Lloydminster Public School Division hosted Darci for multiple PD days. She worked closely with our team to tailor her presentation to our context, ensuring the needs of our organization were met. Her message if Focus in the 90% resonated well with all hip heard her speak. Her approachability, straightforwardness, and professionalism are second to none. I heard from a many in attendance that they were inspired, motivated to make change and appreciative of how blessed they are.

It is without reservation That I would recommend Darci to work with your organization. Her message of Focus in the 90% vs. the 10% is appropriate for any audience. People leave Darci’s presentation not only better employees, but better people.

CHES Alberta
Todd Robinson, Director of Education

Lloydminster Public School Division

We so enjoyed having you as our kickoff speaker – I’ve been doing this for 15 years with CCEC and I can’t recall another speaker who was as entertaining and inspirational as you were. It’s a rare speaker that can talk for 100 minutes and leave the stage with the audience still wanting more!

CHES Alberta
Shelley Morris

Chamber of Commerce Executives of Canada

Everyone thought that you were truly amazing, it really made a lot of people open their eyes and realize what a great place we work at!!

Sharlene Myketiak, Maintenance Supporting Trades Planner


  • Darci Lang was absolutely awesome. What an amazing speaker!
  • The opening speaker and keynote speakers were absolutely fantastic!
  • Darci's talk was amazing!

CHES Alberta

Ontario Hospital Association, Conference for Administrative Professionals

Darci Lang is an engaging, entertaining and powerful speaker whose message about ‘Focusing on the 90%’ is clear, insightful, sobering, and most of all, important. She is sincere, articulate, and uses humour as a velvet glove to drive her powerful message home.

CHES Alberta
Karen Raitz, CHRP - Director, Corporate Services

AltaGas Utilities Inc.

We had Darci as our keynote for our first Brand Development Day. Darci and her team are very accommodating and easy to work with. Darci’s message perfectly aligned with our Brand messaging. Two weeks has past and our team is still bringing up the key points from Darci’s presentation. I would strongly recommend Darci to you and your team!” Greg also said “I’m hearing a lot of conversations still, so your message stuck.

CHES Alberta
Greg Sarvis

Riverbend Co-op

Many approached me thanking for inviting Darci and shared that this short session changed the way they look at their profession and personal lives. Darci’s energy is contagious!

CHES Alberta
Katia Despot, Senior Education Manager

UBC Interprofessional Continuing Education

Your ability to inspire change within our group, through the concept of "Focusing on the positive 90%" in their careers and everyday lives opposed to the negative 10%, was both creative and effective.

CHES Alberta
Darrell LaBoucan

Ironworkers International

Working with Darci and her team was so easy and she captured our needs precisely with our team through careful preparation and understanding of our goals as a team. She was so engaging that our group continued to discuss and use the tools and learning long after her session with us.

CHES Alberta
Jeff Sampson

Northwest Employment Works, Confederation College

I have had the pleasure of hearing Darci Lang on several occasions over the past eight years. Darci has always been a source of inspiration and motivation for me and countless others. Darci has a simple message that WILL change the way you see things and appreciate life. Focusing on her 90% theory has made my life that much better. I have thanked her personally and would like to take this opportunity to thank her publicly!

Patrick Pelletier CSP/PPSC

Facilitator for Service Canada College

Some quotes from the Redhead Equipment audience who sat in on Darci’s Focus on the 90% presentation include "I think she was awesome. It was a great down to earth battery recharge.” “This is the first speaker that I was totally engaged in from the first word to the last word. She was by far the best one I have ever listened to.” "Darci was an excellent speaker, and most people could identify with her in some fashion. Her speech was high energy and proper duration. Her message was on point. And connected with me.”

CHES Alberta

Redhead Equipment

Darci is an awesome speaker – her message resounded with our employees, inspiring them and in some cases moving them to tears! Your message, caring demeanor and thoughtfulness are unmatched! Thank you for making this our best staff conference yet!

CHES Alberta
Kathy Irwin

Innovation Credit Union

Darci's powerful message was very well-received by our group. In a satisfaction survey completed by about 200 of our guests, Darci's rating was 97%! Darci relates very well to the audience and I have heard nothing but amazing feedback!

CHES Alberta
Lacey Gerbrandt

Connect Womens Conference

I knew from seeing Darci previously that her message would resonate with my entire employee group. The reactions were so positive, I have witnessed a turnaround in the attitudes from a couple of my young guys.

New Horizon Co-op
Laurie Gronhovd, General Manager

New Horizon Co-op

It was a pleasure to meet with Darci Lang and have her speak at our event. She is truly an amazing individual and very inspiring/empowering. All feedback was AMAZING. I’m still getting text messages from people on how fantastic she was. Thank you so much. Darci.

Calgary Association of Legal Administrators
Jerry-Lynn Foxxenier

Calgary Association of Legal Administrators

If you are considering hiring Darci Lang, then stop dragging your feet and book her now. At our recent employee retreat we were more than blown away with her workshop ‘Focus on the 90%’. Our entire team took away ideas that are easily actionable, and no doubt will improve morale, fun, and communication in the workplace. These messages, more importantly, were meant just as much for each employee’s home life. We asked for a motivational speaker who could focus on work life balance, and Darci Lang delivered above and beyond our expectations!

New Horizon Co-op
Lee Raito

MD Financial Toronto

Our school division of over 700 had the extreme pleasure to share in Darci’s message of focusing on the 90%. Darci’s down-to earth manner, uplifting personality and inspiring spirit was a breath of fresh air. Her message was very well received and allowed us to see the hope and possibility in our own life journeys, inspiring us to search for joy in the journey. Darci, you have an amazing gift and you used it to connect with us on a powerful level which left us energized, motivated and feeling like we had just spent time in the presence of a wonderful friend. You were an absolute joy to work with and it is my hope that our paths will cross again. Thank you for contributing greatly to the success of our event.

Northern Lights School Division
Karen Froude, Director of Learning

Northern Lights School Division #69

Darci, to say that your presentation was a HUGE hit with our 900+ staff at our Opening Day on August 31, 2015 is a massive understatement. Many have said that you were the BEST Opening Day speaker we’ve ever had. Others have literally thanked me for bringing you in. You have such an incredible gift for connecting with people and conveying some challenging principles in a way that people can relate to and accept. Our staff laughed, pondered and even cried – and literally talked about your presentation for days afterward. Your message of “Focusing on the positive 90%” was 100% on track with Foothills School Division’s mission statement of “Exploring… Developing… and Celebrating the unique gifts and abilities of EVERY student”. It was obvious that you’d done your homework by your understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing employees in Education. Thank you for the major contribution you made to the success of our event. People headed on to their schools feeling inspired and energized. And it’s clear that you and your staff walk the talk – you were all such a pleasure to work with. I hope that our paths may cross again in the future.

Foothills School Division
Deborah Spence, Communications and Events Manager, FOIP Coordinator

Foothills School Division

With the trucking industry tending to be predominately male occupied, a little rough and tough with straight shooting, no nonsense type individuals in it, I was a little concerned how Darci would fair and how effective she could be? Darci, not only commanded the respect of all of our employees, (because of doing her homework on them weeks earlier) but really connected with them with her humour and passion.

The results to our company have been tangible and weeks later, I still freely hear references and repeats of Darci’s quotes by our employees. The investment made to bring her in, was one of the best we’ve made all year.

Warner Industries
Graham Warner, President/Owner

Warner Industries Group of Companies

The feedback has been OUTSTANDING!! Thank you so much - you were so good - motivational, inspiring, and yet totally genuine! I got texts throughout the weekend, saying how awesome the event was and that it provided a lot of food for thought. That's what I was looking for...food for thought.

Blair's Family of Companies
Patty Smith

Blair's Family of Companies

Just wanted to another huge Thank You for speaking at our Conference the end of November! You were a huge hit with the group! You made me look good with my choice of speakers.

Dave Quest, Manager, National Business Development, Support and Delivery

SGI Canada

Darci had made a definite impact on myself, my parents, friends and community. She is not only a motivational speaker, she’s a great person. Darci has been a great support to us and I can’t thank her enough. Her passion, positive spirit and Focus on the 90% message transpired throughout our community and reminds us to stay positive and move forward.

Naomi Ottenbreit

Grayson Community

Our Darci Lang Ficus on the 90% event was exceptional. Our small town farming community engaged Darci after hearing her at another event. Her presentation was humorous, educational, and enjoyable. Nothing but positive feedback from the 18-90 years young. I will attend a Darci Lang event whenever possible. Highly recommended.

Sandy Lang

St. Walburg Community Event

Darci did a fantastic job as the keynote at our 4th Annual Inspiring Women Conference.

Kelly Sidoryk, Event Organizer

Inspiring Women Conference

Our business is Agriculture. I find it rare and refreshing to find a person like Darci, who not only understands our Ag world, but, more importantly understands our rural way of life. Because of her farm roots, she is able to most effectively deliver a meaningful and light hearted message that is extremely well received by Farm related folks.

Rick Pattison, President

Pattison Liquid Systems

When we were going through our meeting evaluations: we asked the attendees to provide feedback on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being excellent. You received quite a few “10” . I had to laugh! But to that point you did an over the top job at reading the assembly, and delivering a relevant, inspiring, and totally positive message. Thank You.

Alberta Seed Processors
Monica Klaas

Alberta Seed Processors

I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the Planning Committee, to formally thank you for presenting at the 2014 Regional Nursing Workshop. Ninety-seven percent (97 %) of those who responded to the evaluation rated your presentation as excellent or good. In addition, the following comments were noted on the evaluation form.

• Outstanding! What a great way to end the conference! Very practical and impactful.

• This was my favorite session. Truly explored why I love my job. Thank you.

• Very motivating! Thank you.

• Wonderful, insightful – truth in it to take home and share.

• Perfect ending! We needed that!

Thank you once again for contributing to the success of the Regional Nursing Workshop.

Dr. Tony Tung, DNP, MN, RN(NP) Chairperson

Regional Nursing Workshop Planning Committee Nurse Educator - Professional Development Primary Care and Clinical Services First Nations and Inuit Health Branch - SK Region

Our entire organization shared in Darci’s Focus on the 90% message. It was a well timed and elegantly delivered presentation that resonates in our employees work spaces and personal lives. While our employees benefited directly from Darci’s message, our students will also be beneficiaries of her authentic and inspiring messages.

Battle River School Division
Maureen Parker, Director of Curriculum

Battle River School Division

Thank you very much - you were a delight to work with and I have heard nothing but positive feedback regarding your closing keynote. Thank you for your flexibility with the program - it really helped us ensure as many people as possible could benefit from your presentation.

Rita Assabgui, CAE, Executive Director/Directrice générale

Canadian Association of Perinatal and Women's Health Nurses (CAPWHN) • Association canadienne des infirmières et infirmiers en perinatalité et en santé des femmes (CAPWHN)

Darci you were a great success at our annual conference. As an industry we are often confronted with negativity, criticism, and fear. As women working in this industry, it can sometimes feel like an uphill battle even though we love what we do. You message of focusing on the 90% spoke to our hearts and our minds. It reminded us how much we have in our lives that is good, and that it is our duty to let the 10% go. Your humour and willingness to engage with the audience was infectious, and you left us with a gift that we can bring to every person we meet, and every interaction we have. Thank you.

Women in Nuclear
Colleen Sidford - President

Women in Nuclear Canada

I’ve had the pleasure to hear Darci speak twice. After hearing her the first time, I booked her to speak at The Brandon Clinic. Darci is a dynamic speaker and is wonderful at interacting with her audience. She is easy to relate to, compassionate, humorous, and extremely motivating. Our clinic was abuzz with her 90% message.

Brandon Clinic Medical Corporation
Mrs. Cheryl Bryant, CGA, Administrator

Brandon Clinic Medical Corporation

I have had the privilege of hearing Darci speak on two occasions, the first time six years ago and then recently. Her message of focusing on the 90% positive has stayed with me over the past six years and really made a difference in how I view my work and personal life. She has the ability to connect to everyone in the room in a humorous, entertaining, and in a down-to-earth way so that people can take her message and apply it to their own personal situation. It is a universal message that applies to all and well worth the time and effort to attend.

Prairie Mountain Health
Kathy Langford RN, Education Coordinator

Prairie Mountain Health

Darci’s message is one that relates to everyone and one we should focus more on – the 90%. She is down-to-earth, motivating, and very inspiring. The attendees gave excellent feedback on Darci’s presentation and many stayed to speak more in-depth with her after the presentation. Darci and her staff were very accommodating and excellent to work with. I would recommend Darci as a speaker any day. Thank you!

Town of Wainwright
Carley Herbert, Economic Development Officer

Town of Wainwright

It’s fun working with Darci. She is one very motivating speaker (and big haired).

Robert Herjavec and Darci
Robert Herjavec

We have received outstanding feedback from our recent investor event that Darci spoke at. Her ability to share her own life experiences in a funny and uplifting manner left a huge impression with all of our clients. Darci and her staff were excellent to work with as she took the time to research our needs and who her audience was. I know we will have Darci work with us in the future.

Mackenzie Investments
Bill Welk, Senior Vice-President, Sales

Mackenzie Investments

I can't begin to tell you how much we all enjoyed your presentation at our Annual Staff meeting. Your session was inspiring, motivating, humbling, and engaging. It was exactly what we needed (whether we knew it or not) in order to provide us with a mindset "reset" and to Focus on the 90%. You are a magnificent speaker! Thank you again and again.

Brad Aasen

Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency

I have never before worked with a presenter who arrived early, to familiarize themselves with the crowd, and who stayed until the last chair was put away, all the while connecting with the people in attendance. Wow!

The fact that members of the audience shared their personal thoughts (when you asked for their stories) tells me how captivated you kept them with your simple, yet profound message. I heard "renewed hope" from two members of the community as they left with either an affirmation that they are on the right track or a belief that something can be done about the environment that they are currently working in. These are but two examples of a room full of reactions.

Bonnie Mills Midgley

St Walburg

Darci, words cannot express how grateful I am for your time and the message you left us. It was the perfect start to a new school year. I hope our paths cross again.

Northwest School Division No. 203
Jennifer Williamson - Superintendent of Student Services

Northwest School Division No. 203

Darci is an excellent motivational speaker, combining humour with her message on focusing on the 90% with her real-life stories and examples. Darci provided everyone with tools on how to look at things in a more positive light, both at work and in their personal life.p>

Feedback from staff attending has all been very positive, it was a great uplifting presentation, and I would highly recommend staff to attend. We even had some staff from the morning session go back and tell other staff to attend in the afternoon, definitely a sign of how good it was.

Saskatchewan Penitentiary/Riverbend Institution
Judy Teale, Training Coordinator | Coordonnatrice de la formation

Saskatchewan Penitentiary/Riverbend Institution

Thanks so much Darci for the Focus on the 90% presentation. Many of the 1100 delegates in attendance had heard you speak at other events but you did your homework and reconnected with them. You truly are the easiest and most accommodating speaker I have dealt with and I thank you for that.

Tania Meier

SUMA Convention

Just a quick note to say thanks again! We've had really positive feedback from all our staff on the events we held. Your presentation and message was perfect. I've had a number of staff come up to me and say, "We needed that - thanks!" You're a rock star!!!

Cornerstone Credit Union
Corvyn Neufeld, Vice President Human Resources

Cornerstone Credit Union

Darci Lang spoke at our annual provincial conference with her 'Focus on the 90%' presentation. She is genuine, gifted, and humorous. She has amazing energy, and great messages for work and for life, that she teaches us through her own life experiences. Her keynote was the highlight at our event. "Thank you Darci, for reminding us that we all have a choice how we view our lives.

Recreation Connections Manitoba
Jacqueline Onagi, Training and Event Coordinator

Recreation Connections Manitoba

Darci is absolutely captivating, funny, and inspiring! She is not like other motivational speakers I have heard! Her message hits home and I am able to apply it to my daily life. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to listen to Darci's message of focusing on the 90%! Thank you Darci!

Maria Cowper

Insurance Institute of Saskatchewan

Our group of nurses were fortunate enough to spend a morning with Darci but it could have easily been the entire day! She engaged us with her humour, her storytelling, and her positive outlook. She made us look in the mirror - the only person you can change is yourself. A simple but dynamic message. I personally take this message with me everywhere I go - to work, the grocery store, with my kids, even driving home in rush hour. I focus on the 90% and I remind myself that somewhere, some place, someone is having a worse day than I am. I am thankful and grateful for all the blessings in my life and there are many!

CANO, Manitoba
Michelle Rosentreter

Canadian Association of Nurses in Oncology, Manitoba

I have worked with Darci on two large conferences; she was our key speaker and was a huge hit with the audience. I can share many of their comments from the evaluations, if you are interested. She received a rating of 4.91 out of 5.

Darci is an excellent motivational speaker. I have heard her speak numerous times and have always taken back personal messages that have improved my daily life. During one of the Federal Council meetings, the conference was described as attending the Oprah show!

She was also very easy to work with, which is a gift when organizing large events.

Nicole Preteau

Canada School of Public Service |École de la fonction publique du Canada

We were so pleased to have Darci as one of the speakers at our Forums this year. The producers attending Forums consistently rated her as one of the top speakers they had heard. We were amazed at how well Darci related to the wide variety of people attending these events across the country. Darci was definitely a highlight of the Forums!

Greg Stewart, P.Ag. President / Chief Executive Officer / Président-directeur général

Farm Credit Canada / Financement agricole Canada