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Get out your personal development toolbox because this simple tool will change the way you view your life!

"What a fantastic webinar today. We were all buzzing after the session and I've already received so much great feedback. Such a timely message with great takeaways to incorporate into our personal and professional lives!!"
— Parkland College

What are you planning to do over the next few months to stay connected to your group? You NEED to have a plan. How can you stay connected to others to show them that you care! This is a tough time; others need your leadership. We can help you.

With Darci's tool, you can learn to discover 90% of what is good.


  • How are you doing in this new working environment?

  • Are you concerned about connecting with your teams and keeping morale high when so many are working from home?

  • Are you concerned about your team members' well-being both  physically and mentally?

  • What can we do to keep others “well” as we head into another phase of COVID-19?

  • How can you fill personal and professional toolboxes remotely?

The virtual training sessions Darren and Darci completed with our team were phenomenal. Darren and Darci were able to connect with our team on many levels. Darren’s story of how he is “Staying up in an Upside-Down World” is relatable, humorous and moving! Darci’s Message of where she came from and who she is today, is inspiring and motivating! Darren and Darci are engaging, approachable and knowledgeable. We have received so much great feedback from the sessions; the tools provided are useful and will be treasured by our team for years to come! — Brandy Moxham, Riverbend Co-op (HR Manager)


How can we stay positive and see the 90%s in these uncertain times? What can we do to be happy, motivated and motivating? We need to be well so we can bring our best selves to work and to our loved ones. How can we do that? Where we set our focus on a day‐to‐day basis powerfully affects job performance, relationships with co-workers and clients, our families, our friends, and ultimately our self‐worth. When you hold Darci’s magnifying glass in front of your life, you are in control of determining where you set your gaze.

Focus on the 90% is one simple and transformational webinar that can transform how you are coping in this difficult time. Everyone who attends this session will discover something in Darci’s powerful and enduring message.

Truly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for today. You are absolutely inspiring and I have so many takeaways and ideas to implement with the team and for myself! The world is a much better place because of you; living and speaking your truth while sharing your gift of kindness with everyone around you. — Carady Rennie, Manager, Provincial Dictation and Transcription Services, 3SHealth

About Darci:

Darci is an award-winning entrepreneur, a professional speaker, a bestselling author, a blogger, a wife and a mom. She walks the fine line of balancing home, family and work all with her powerful 90% attitude and she can inspire you to do the same.

Adopting her positive 90% technique has changed lives!