Darci Lang Focus on the 90%

Focus on the 90% Presentation

"You truly are the easiest and most accommodating speaker I have ever dealt with. Makes my job so much easier so thank you for that! Thanks so much Darci, everyone loved you! Heard lots of great feedback from all 1100 attendees."
— Tania Meier, SUMA Convention

Darci Lang is a dynamic speaker with one simple tool that will shift the audience's perspective on how they look at life and everyday challenges.

Empower your staff to:

  • develop the skills needed to cope during stressful situations.

  • build more positive work relationships without sacrificing precious personal energy.

  • cope with negative people.

  • become the uplifting influence on those around them.

  • discover the strength they already have within.

  • move forward in their careers.

There is something for everyone to discover in Darci's enduring message of positivity which has positioned her as a sought-after speaker at countless events. Experience this life-changing presentation either in-person or in a webinar.

Want to dig deeper? Access your Focus on the 90% pdf here.