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Podcasts with Darci

Darci has been invited to many podcasts to share her inspirational 90% message.

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Sara Troy Igniting Our Hearts and Souls

Darci’s 90% Philosophy Series starts here. Focus on the 90% represents a concept that one simple tool can change the way you view your life. Darci believes each of us holds a magnifying glass and’ we get to choose what to do with it. We can focus it on the negative 10% in our lives – those things and people that bother us and drag us down – or we can choose to focus on the 90% in our lives that is positive and empowers us to be and feel our best. What we focus on determines how we live our lives. Darci will challenge where you focus your magnifying glass when reflecting on yourself (looking after the person in the mirror), the people around you (leading, working and supporting others) and your personal life (being a positive influence at home and an example of wellness for others to follow). The Focus on the 90% philosophy helps individuals reframe the way they look at, and think about their work, interactions and relationships with others.

Going into your memory box to slowly unpack the 10%, to understand it, release it or let it be your propeller to move you forward, for your 90% living is waiting for you to truly live.

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Leading Inspired Learning: A Strive Podcast!

I was so excited to be invited to chat with the amazing Meaghan on Welcome to Leading Inspired Learning: A Strive Podcast! Together we chatted about understanding worthiness and resiliency, so sit back, listen, laugh, learn, reflect, and enjoy.

Welcome to Leading Inspired Learning: A Strive Podcast! In this episode, Meaghan is joined by Darci Lang, Motivational Speaker and Author of four titles within her "Focus on the 90%" series. Together, they deconstruct understandings of worthiness and spotlight the resiliency derived from our work in the early years. Listen, LAUGH, learn, reflect, enjoy!

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Merrily: Focus on the 90% with Darci Lang

As Early Learning professionals, we 'live out loud' the 4 foundations found in How Does Learning Happen?: Belonging, Well-being, Expression and Engagement.

Who better to help us lean into the notion of Well-being for 'ourselves', than Darci Lang, who is a motivational speaker on the topic of Focusing on the 90%.

Darci Lang is an engaging, entertaining, and powerful speaker whose message about Focusing on the 90% is clear, insightful and, most of all, important. For 30 years, Darci has been sharing tough love with empathy, creating perspective shifts and having an impact on hundreds of businesses in diverse industries.

She helps to transform cultures, employee engagement and in turn, boosts morale and profitability and her connection to her audience is astounding. In the last year, Darci has been visiting many child care and early learning communities across Ontario - sharing her message of Focusing on the 90% and integrating this connection with our four foundations of well-being, belonging, expression and engagement.


Leader Impact Podcast - Episode #10 – Focus on the 90% with Darci Lang

Darci is an inspirational speaker, an award-winning entrepreneur, Canadian Association of Professional Speakers Hall of Fame recipient, a bestselling author, a wife and a mom, whose simple tool helps individuals reframe the way they look at, and think about their interactions and relationships with others.

And in a world where a plethora of self-help books, webinars, and podcasts teach us how to be happier, our guest, Darci Lang fiercely believes that success and happiness are simply a matter of focus. Focusing on the 90% positive aspect of our reality that can transform our lives.

A career spanning three decades, Darci has been sharing tough love with empathy, creating perspective shifts and having an impact on hundreds of businesses in diverse industries. She helps to transform cultures, employee engagement and in turn, boosts morale and profitability. From farmers, ironworkers and linesmen to medical professionals, educators and administrative professionals, her connection to her audience is astounding.

So, sit tight, and get ready for a conversation with Darci Lang as we chat about focusing on the 90% in your personal, professional and spiritual journey!

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Close Up Radio Spotlights Motivational Speaker Darci Lang

Regina, SK – Darci Lang has been a motivational speaker since she was 24 years old.

Born in Biggar, Saskatchewan, a town of 2,600 people, Darci’s mother was only 16, so until she was eight years old, she lived with her father, her first mentor.

“I get my entrepreneurial blood from my dad. He ran a Volkswagen repair shop in the backyard of our home,” recalls Darci. “I grew up working in my dad's garage.”

When Darci was 18, she packed up her Volkswagen Beetle and moved two provinces away to interview for a tuxedo rental company. From the first day she was hired, she sought mentors.

“Every day I had a leadership team of 125 years combined experience. They would all ask me the same question every day: what can I teach you today?” recalls Darci.

Pretty soon, Darci was running the store. At 24, she convinced the eleventh bank she walked into to give her a loan to buy her own store.

She got to know the bank manager really well. In his last year of retirement, he became another mentor for Darci.

Darci has had a 100% referral-based motivational speaking business for 28 years.

Now 52, Darci says her duty is to be a mentor to others, to pay it forward.

It's very hard to see what's good, the 90%s when you don't feel good, says Darci. ”You need to keep asking the person in the mirror - the only person you can control - “What do you need?” What do you need mentally, physically or spiritually to take care of yourself, so you can focus on what is good? Once you do the difficult job of making yourself happy then you can carry the 90% magnifying glass to work and see your job through a 90% lens.”


"Taking Care in Tough Times" w/Darci Lang

In this week’s episode, Tracy speaks with Darci Lang about “Taking Care in Tough Times.”

As part of our mental health series, Tracy chats with Darci about game-changing ideas to help farmers take care during tough times.


They cover:

  • The importance of self-care.

  • The impact of the thoughts we think.

  • The importance of how we talk to ourselves and others.

  • The importance of how we treat ourselves…mentally and physically.

  • Darci shares how the above four areas directly create the big picture of our mental and physical health and determine how we show up in this World.

Are you going through a tough time due to the pandemic or a tough farming year? If so, don’t miss this episode.


The power of choice with Darci Lang
Conversations With Corliss- A Real Leadership Podcast

In this conversation, we talk about the power of choice and about making choices that lead you to a happy life. We discuss practical solutions to managing your time and focusing on the 90%. Darci has decades of experience as an inspirational speaker and has studied leadership over her 27-year career. In this episode she shares much of what's she's learned and how kindness is the key to true leadership.

Link to Apple Podcast episode:

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