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90% instead of $90

Another great note from a workshop attendee.

Something happened this week that I must share with you. In fact when it happened I could hardly wait to tell you this.
On this particular evening, we were at one of “our” banks and when I went to the ATM machine to wipe it down, I saw a note that someone had left. Now me being inquisitive, had to read it. This is what it said “if you are the one that left here and forgot the money that you left in the machine, here is my phone number and all you need to tell me is the time you were here and the amount that you took out”. I was so excited and at that exact time an elderly couple came in and I showed them the note. From there we had quite the discussion and we all agreed that most of the people of Moose Jaw in particular were Awesome. I said that “a very smart lady once told me and others that 90% of people are good and she is so very right” and I would like to add something to that.
I have spent most of my working years, at different jobs, in different places and I was so thankful that I was so blessed to work with such wonderful people, but it wasn’t until after I heard you speak on 90% that I realized that it wasn’t just the people that I worked with, IT WAS PEOPLE IN GENERAL!!! And this was so very evident as so many times when I am doing my early morning checks at the banks that we clean, that I am reminded of this. Whenever I get a chance to see customers that make a quick stop at the bank before going to work, it’s so interesting to see how many are “morning people” and those that would rather be back in bed. There was one customer that really made “my day”. She looked so very tired and had her head down, and my heart went out to her. I greeted her, and at first she didn’t say anything, but then my motto is “a smile can do wonders” and don’t you know, it worked again. She did look up and said, “Good morning”, and I decided to further this chat with asking if she was on her way to work, and she replied “no”, I’ve worked all night”. To which I asked where she worked and she said “Walmart”. Well I proceeded to say,”Oh you are the one that goes around slashing prices and I’d like to say that you’re doing a great job.” Well, her face just beamed and I thought “Whew.” That’s all it took to maybe add alittle joy to her life. So I do believe Darci that in Moose Jaw we do have the 90% reputation.
Well getting back to the honest customer that found the money- it was our pleasure to be around when the customer came back to the bank, and although one would think “why that money will be gone” but maybe he heard about the 90% MJ so he did come back!!! And he saw the note and phoned the person.That was so very awesome and this thing I’m sure goes on a lot without some of us noticing.
Well Darci I must run. I am sending you a story that I find so inspiring. Hope you enjoy.
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