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Balancing Busy

Balancing Busy

Life is complex and typically involves several moving parts that need juggling. Constantly. So, how do you juggle the known with the unexpected unknown?

For example, every day, I wake up knowing I need to juggle being a mom, a wife, a pet owner, my clients, and, of course, taking care of lil ol’ me! Those items bring joy and challenges daily as I try to balance busy. Recently, I’ve had some unexpected unknown 10%s creep in that added to an already busy day. I recently lost my dear friend and assistant of over 30 years, my business lifeline (my computer) has repeatedly crashed, causing a level of stress I’ve not experienced in a long time, personal credit cards were compromised, family stress and event material that I shipped disappeared just days before the event. Okay, enough already; throw in the white towel, right?

No. As much as I wanted to scream ENOUGH ALREADY (we’ve all had those days, right!) I switched my focus. I reflected on the adage, “Practice what you preach.” So, I do, and here is how I balance my busy. My support system is amazing, pitching in to help me with all things administrative & tech related to running my business. Ahhhhhh… this helps create space for me to concentrate on clients and myself. Carving out “me time” is crucial to balancing my busy. Going for mind-clearing walks, a quiet house, meditating, eating right, and spending downtime with family and friends are all things I need to do to keep my life in balance. Is it easy, not on your life!

It does take commitment and discipline. Find the time to take care of you, so you can find the strength to balance your busy.

How do you balance your busy?

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- Darci

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