Reader’s Views

I love magazines. Decorating and health are my favorites. A green tea, a quiet house and a new magazine, heaven.

Since no one can keep every customer happy I am so intrigued by how magazines always post their happy 90% view comments AND their 10% comments. They will put in print comments from readers who were not happy with something they featured.

Imagine doing that? Imagine if your website or your “wall of fame” at work had a mix of happy and unhappy views?

4 out of 5

My girlfriend and I attended a great luncheon with a great speaker who did an outstanding job. We both agreed it was a great message and the speaker was wonderful. When the evaluation forms came around to the tables at the end, I naturally circled “5 out of 5” to compliment her great speech.

My optimistic friend circled “4 out of 5”. When I questioned why she did not circle 5 when we both agreed the presentation was great, she replied, “No one circles 5”.

We had a lengthy discussion on the way home about how we have been conditioned to not be “too happy”. My question is… “What is wrong with Pollyanna?” Why send that speaker home with an evaluation that may make her question how she could do better?

The other 3%

There is always someone who will be unhappy with what you do. In all my years of working in a garage, retail, renting tuxedos, producing fashion shows and trade shows and as a speaker, I know it is impossible to please everyone.

I love the Always Infinity ad (sorry guys feminine products!)
It shows a picture of the product and the ad reads:
97% of women who tried Always Infinity said they’d recommend it to friends.
The other 3% never like anything anyway.

Ha ha, how true is that!

Too hot or too cold

I was speaking to a large organization and every level of employee would attend my presentation.

The custodial staff were by far the funniest of the emails that were sent to me from the group telling me about their job.

A man who called himself “the janitor everyone needs” wrote this when I asked him “tell me about your job”.
“I love what I do. I don’t take a BlackberryTM home. I work alone and everyone needs something from me. I have learned that there is always someone who is too cold or too hot but you aim to please them all.”

What a great attitude. Indeed, there is always someone who complains about being too hot or too cold. Do your best, work hard and go home to the family you love. Isn’t that that point of this great life?