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Clapping Audience

Client Testimonials

What an AMAZING presentation!  Our event had the highest attendance of any event in the history of AWAKE!  Since the event, I have lost count of all the glowing reviews our colleagues have had for you and your message.  We are so grateful we were able to spend the morning with you, learning how to see our lives through a 90% lens.   Thank you so much for your time and enthusiasm!


Thank you very much for speaking to us today. You really nailed it! I have already heard so much wonderful feedback about how amazing you were. There were so many head nods and smiles while you were speaking. I feel that it was exactly what we needed to hear as people and as a division. We plan to do a division-wide study on your book to keep everything you said fresh in people’s minds. It is good for us individually, as parents, family members, coworkers and friends. It will make us better teachers and people who support students.
We can move ahead focused on the 90%!

Thank you for sharing your story, strengths, talents and teachings with us. What a blessing you are! 
Thank you so very much,


Thank you for your note and thank you for your session and for all that you brought to everyone that day.  Feedback about your session has been 100% positive and for many your message and presentation were the highlight of the conference for them.

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You were a complete success! We have had nothing but positive feedback from those who attended; thank you for being so genuine. You have always been so inspiring to me, and I leave feeling a little lighter and brighter after hearing you speak. Thank you for that.


Our time with you in Caledonia and Hamiton was amazing. You have left an imprint on our communities, both personally and professionally. Thank you so much for being with us, inspiring us and poking the bear!  
I am so grateful to have had time to be present with you on both days. You have made me think... and feel. 

With much gratitude.

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Thank you so much for your heartfelt Keynote presentation at our conference. I think your message came at just the right time for so many in the room.  Your message on “Focus on the 90% truly resonated with our chapter leaders and left a lasting impact. Your ability to make us reflect on our interactions and emphasize the positives is invaluable. We ran a feedback survey, and when attendees were asked what segment made the most positive impact on them, several delegates wrote in Darci Lang. Thank you for helping make our conference a success!


I want to thank you for speaking at our very first Brand Day’s. You were the highlight for me and so many team members and directors. Our team leaders have been passing on so many positive comments from their teams. You are such a kind and caring person that everyone can listen to for hours. Thank you for being the inspiration that so many of us can inspire to be.

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Your message is so important for our staff and ultimately impacts our kiddos. We have had wonderful feedback and comments! Thank you for your important message and for setting the stage for a new school year. You are amazing!


I just wanted to thank you for coming to our school district and giving us such a powerful message and reminder to start our school year. I myself went down the self-reflection/change road. Although it started much later in life than yours, I know all too well what you mean about taking responsibility for your own life and working on healing your wounds. My life has changed so much in the last 12 years by doing so. I am a Wellness Mentor within our district, and I try to incorporate a lot of what you talked about. I now want to incorporate your use of the shepherd herding the sheep, as I feel like the more visuals a kid has to work with, the better. Anyway, I just thought it was important to let you know that I was incorporating some of your messages into my daily practice. Thank you again for your powerful message; it really did revamp me and got me pumped up to start this new school year. 


Our community has been so blessed to not only hear you once, but twice in two days! You have inspired us and challenged us to reflect and dig deep. You had us laughing, shedding a few tears and sharing parts of our journey we have been too vulnerable to share. On behalf of Saint Thomas-Elgin Children's Services, thank you!

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It was a pleasure to have you speak at our AGM. Our membership very much enjoyed your presentation!   

Thank you again!


Your words have power! This is one of the most power-packed books I have ever read. It will be a life-changing book for many people. What a blessing you are to bare your soul and provide real context for the struggles we all face. I love the way you provide thought-provoking questions to dig deeper and find a healthier way of thinking and a solid pathway to step into a better way of living. I love all of it, but my fav is your conversations with God and the spiritual parts. Beautiful. Amazing!


Darci - You are amazing!  You were the perfect person to start our retreat with, and I received so much positive feedback about your presentation! 



Hello you amazing lady!!  We are so grateful you were able to share your time with us today.  The feedback and comments were fantastic, and everyone took a piece of you with them. The closing remarks reaffirmed we must remain focused on the 90% and challenged each of us to take this back to our teams and our home.   Your presentation was amazing! You are a gift from above.  Thank you again, and God Bless! 

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The response from the sessions was extremely positive and many staff indicated that this was the best training opportunity they had ever taken. The information was practical, fun, and moving and many staff may have said Darci’s message continues to help them make positive choices in their interactions at work and with their family.


You were the highlight for our Team and for me personally. I always take away new insights from your sessions and can’t thank you enough.

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Darci Lang is an extraordinary speaker who has made a remarkable impact on our staff. Darci has inspired our staff throughout the 2022-2023 school year by helping us kick the year off with an energizing and motivational keynote for all our teachers. She then captivated our support staff at their conference in October, tailoring her message to this critical group and making them feel valued, motivated, and appreciated.


Thank you so very much for sharing your joyful presence with us. You disclosed your personal stories with strength and courage which created strong connections with our audience. You built us up and shone a light on our power to change our perspective to create a more positive life.


You were amazing!

Community Home Child Care

THANK YOU for the amazing job. I was very impressed with your preparation for the event, your ability to remember it and weave it into your talk, with your mastery of people's names. You helped all of us get a healthy perspective on our lives, and empowered us to take personal responsibility for our attitudes/emotions. I promise to sing your praises to others!


I want to thank you for speaking at our very first Brand Day's. You were the highlight for me and so many team members and directors. Our team leaders have been passing on so many positive comments from their teams. You are such a kind and caring person that everyone can listen to for hours. Thank you for being the inspiration that so many of us can inspire to be.


Darci was a much anticipated presenter for our sales meeting. She was highly recommended before we engaged her. Not only did her presentation resonate with our team, it has encouraged people to actually build out business and personal plans on how to take her message and make it a part of their every day lives. Not only was she entertaining but her message had great impact on our team. I would highly recommend her.

Darci Lang provided a keynote address to over 150 senior level educational administrators, ministry officials and others at an annual summer professional development event in August 2022.
Her presentation was extremely well prepared for the audience. It was clear that she researched the sector, inquired about the current needs and as a result her message resonated with every individual. Darci's message was personal to her own circumstance which clearly demonstrated her own vulnerability as well as her concern for all humanity. She was absolutely exceptional. I would describe Darci as a humble professional who delivered a message that we all can be kind because being kind is something we all can do. Darci invited us to consider how fortunate we are and to be grateful for the blessings each of us have received. She also encouraged us to reach out to others and to share our good fortune. I would recommend Darci Lang to any organization regardless of size and regardless of purpose. We are proud she is from Saskatchewan!!!

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Darci Lang gave a presentation to our Branch of the Ministry of Environment and it was very well received by all. Her high energy and humour worked well with the virtual format and was exactly what was needed at this trying time.
Thank you Darci!


Yours was the highest ranked presentation. Outstanding Darci, it was a stellar way to end our conference.


The impact of her presentation was immediate and continues as we have had her back on several occasions to deliver her message. When employees, union and spouses thank you for bringing someone in to deliver a message of positivity, it tells you the effect of her message. 


Darci's positive energy was noticeable and impactful as soon as she walked in the room! Her message to our staff on focusing on the 90% was inspiring , engaging and encouraging. The tools she taught us are easy to implement and provide a great addition to living a more fulfilling life. Darci had clearly done her homework on our organization prior to her presentation as she used 'familiar to us' terms which made her learnings relatable. I highly recommend Darci Lang!


It was a real eye-opener for most and a message we needed to hear to remind us of what is important and what we should be focusing our energy on. I will definitely recommend you as a keynote speaker anytime!


Relatable. Inspiring. Authentic. Darci’s presentation was engaging, uplifting, and energetic. To this day, our staff talk about focusing on the 90%. I can confidently say Darci ensured the values of our organization were clearly communicated through her message. If you’re looking for a true professional to best reflect your brand and values – in any setting, across any industry – I wholeheartedly recommend Darci Lang.


Your presentation was a wonderful mixture of entertainment and education. The response from our staff to your message has been overwhelming and opened up many discussions.

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You have that rare ability to connect directly to each listener’s inner emotion in a way that inspires change. Each of us emerged from that connection motivated to make a positive change in our personal lives, in our workspace, and for our clients. You inspire positive change to happen, and the benefits compound.


Darci’s message is timeless and one that bears repeating. “Focus on the 90%” is both a gentle friend’s advice, and a leader’s call to action. You will take this discussion back to your dinner table with honesty, laughter and empowerment!


Thank you so much for your easy going nature and professionalism that you brought to our day! A few comments our workers had to say were: Good and personal. She took it to our level. I will try to hang around with more of the engaged people at work! You made a difference.


Darci’s ability to reach out and inspire her audience is so powerful and unmatched by any other speaker I have experienced. We truly feel that we were blessed to have Darci speak at our conference. She is very talented, kind, and enthusiastic.


Feedback has been excellent, with many saying it was the best Teamwork Day by far. I just wish we could have booked you for two days instead of the one so we could have more time with you – Markham loves you!

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We are so grateful you were able to share your time with us today.  The feedback and comments were fantastic, and everyone took a piece of you with them.  We must remain focused on the 90%, and you challenged us to take this back to our teams and our home.

Your presentation was amazing!  

Plains HR Services

Thank you for your session yesterday. People have commented to me that your session was the best one that has ever been presented – and one of those comments came from a 36 year employee!! The feedback that I am getting is that people like the way you bring in the personal aspect. I think there were a lot of aha’s in the crowd – including for me. There were many take aways, and I too am grateful that we were able to bring you in to speak to our group.


Darci recently delivered a powerful presentation to City of Lloydminster employees. It was evident the topic, Focus on the 90%, and the personal stories she shared captured everyone’s attention. Darci is extremely engaging, involving the audience in her presentation. There was laughter, gasps of disbelief, and nods of acknowledgement as those in attendance related to her message, and of no doubt ‘took away’ something to incorporate into their individual lives. I would highly recommend her.


Our management team spent an encouraging day in person with Darci just before we plunged into the fourth wave of Covid. Everyone appreciated the recalibration time with Darci, her positive energy, and her challenge to us to focus on our 90%s while putting the reality of our 10%s into perspective. It was a great session that continues to resonate with our team – thanks Darci!

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I had heard Darci was a good speaker however, I was unsure exactly if or how her presentation would be different and unique to our specific audience. Sometimes those positive messages can come across a bit trite or “canned”. Darci’s was neither of those in the least. That “90%” message and the “3 times then let that sucker go” are pretty easy phrases for people to take away and remember for a long time making it much easier to actually implement her message. To me, that authenticity moves a speaker from good to great.


What a fantastic message today. Folks were buzzing after the session and I've already received so much great feedback. Such a timely message with great takeaways to incorporate into our personal and professional lives.


Having worked with Darci previously, it was an easy decision for our planning committee to choose her to speak to our Team at our first Leadership Summit. Darci’s passion for life, people and the Co-op is evident as she engages her audience through personal experience story-telling and interaction. She received rave reviews from our Team, many of whom said she was one of the best and most engaging speakers they have ever seen.


Darren and Darci are kind, comical and real. Their sessions exceeded my expectations and everyone should have the chance to experience their powerful messages.


Darci brought a refreshing perspective to our leadership team and left us with some valuable tools for dealing with negativity at work or at home. Her use of humour and genuine, personal stories resonate and stay with you long after the workshop.


Darci is unique in her approach and within a few minutes of her speech appeared to make everyone in the room feel very comfortable and at home. I really enjoyed Darci, especially when she talked about her background and life.


The concepts in the message “Focus on the 90%” aligned and supported our current cultural transformation initiatives which are centered around how we live out the organization values in every interaction.

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