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Embrace the 90%

"I wrote this book for women. For Us. I want us to heal." Embrace the 90% challenges women to identify their fears, the labels they were given, and their lack of self-love. Through thought-provoking questions triggered by real-life examples, Darci helps women dig deeper and find a healthier way of thinking and living.

Let's get started! It's time for every woman who doubted the need to look after themselves to face the reasons why. Let's unpack the self-doubt and past together to come to terms with:

Your fears - How do you see your life through a positive lens when you are dealing with the negative aspects of your life? Darci will teach you how to unpack those fears, come to terms with them and live a happier life. 

Your labels - What labels have you been given throughout your life that have shaped how you see yourself today? She'll show you how to deal with labels that are holding you back. 

Self-love - How are you taking care of yourself? Have you been taught you were not worthy of finding love and happiness? It is time to heal, and Darci will show you the tools she has used to make her the person she is today.

As a female entrepreneur, this book fits into what I advocate for women taking care of themselves. My family, friends and clients will be receiving a copy of Darci's book from me. We all have a story, what we do with the story as terrible as it was, leads us to our future and how we live our lives. Darci is the real deal; she 100% practices what she speaks about.

Sheri Melnick Consulting Corp


Benefits of Darci's Message

  • Darci demonstrates through real-life examples how looking after the woman in the mirror and taking care of herself works. 

  • Teaching women how to train their brains to embrace all of you, mentally, physically, spiritually and know you are worthy of self-love.

  • Darci shares stories for women on how healing their wounds, not living in fear, defying their labels and loving themselves even if no one taught them to, helps them and supports other women in their life.

"People need proof that what you share with them will work. I am the proof. My stories are the proof."

Presentation Options

Darci's highly acclaimed Embrace the 90% presentation has been requested as a keynote or half/full-day workshop for many "Women in Leadership," "International Women's Day," "Empowering Women," "Women's Professional Development Day," and numerous child care & nursing leaders conferences.


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