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Quotes & Downloads

A list of downloadable resources and quotes all created by Darci made specifically for you.

Focus on the 90%

Focus on 90 (1).png

The Positive 90% Idea

Focus on the 90% Quotes

Shepherd Your Thoughts

Door Knob Theory

Lay The Sucker Out!

Living the 90% 

Living the 90 (1).png

Living the 90% Quotes

Dealing with Your 10%s

Treat Your Family Like Your Best Clients

Do More of What Make You Smile

Take Ruthless Care of Yourself

Lead the 90% 

Lead the 90 (1).png

Lead the 90% Quotes

Webinar Dos

Virtual Meeting Ideas

39 Ways to Incorporate Culture

Webinar Don'ts

The Power of Positive Words

Embrace the 90%

Embrace (1).png

Embrace the 90% Quotes

Loving Other Women

Top Nine Ways to Get Great Big Hair

Top Nine Anti-Aging Tips

The Top Nine Suitcase

Top Nine Ways to Zap a Cold

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