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Living the 90%

Living the 90%, a Deeper Dive, is part two of the Focus on the 90% philosophy. It provides you with the tools and foundation to come back together, refresh the Focus on the 90% message and dig deeper in a "pen to paper" reality check on how you've moved your magnifying glass in the key areas of your life. 

Darci will challenge where you focus your magnifying glass when reflecting on:

Your focus - How do you change what isn't working? Darci will show you how to see your life through a 90% lens when facing 10% times. 

Your space - Life is complicated. How do you balance the positive and negative influences with family, the job, your clients and most importantly yourself?

Your personal life - She'll show you how to be a positive influence at home and be an example of wellness for others to follow.

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We are so grateful you were able to share your time with us today.  The feedback and comments were fantastic, and everyone took a piece of you with them.  We must remain focused on the 90%, and you challenged us to take this back to our teams and our home. Your presentation was amazing! 

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Benefits of Darci's Message

  • Learn how to live your best life by living the Focus on the 90% message! 

  • Provides 9 ways for you to focus a 90% lens on to live a happier life.

  • Darci will teach you how to create the life you want, heal the pains of the past and cultivate a culture of positivity. 

Presentation Options

Darci's highly acclaimed presentation is available at times ranging from a one-hour keynote to a half-day workshop. This message can be delivered live or as an interactive webinar.


Click the image to download the detailed topic description.

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