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Lead the 90%

Lead the 90% will challenge you to pick up your magnifying glass and not only see your life through that 90% lens but lead others through that lens too. This philosophy will help change your perspective on life and help start to change your brain, to teach it to look for the positive.

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Darci will challenge where you focus your magnifying glass when reflecting on:

You as a leader - Darci will help you look inside and understand the importance of training your brain to look for the positive and setting an example for others.

Your culture at work - Cultivating an environment of acceptance, compassion and inclusion is crucial for accepting people as they are. The growth and success of your company will depend on it. She'll demonstrate the importance of how impactful your role as a leader is, and show you how to develop a 90% culture, a sense of belonging and kindness. 

Your legacy - As your career grows, what type of legacy are you building along the way, to leave behind you once you retire? How will people remember you? Darci will show how a commitment to kind leadership will not only make a difference in your life, but those you lead.

I think I speak for most people when I say our world needs kindness in leadership now more than ever before. In Lead the 90%: Kind Leadership, Darci challenges and entertains while she inspires—with real-life stories and reflections from leaders who know how much kindness matters. 

Ken Blanchard

CoAuthor of:

The New One Minute Manager and

Servant Leadership in Action

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Lead the 90 Book

Benefits of Darci's Message

  • One simple concept that can be implemented now! 

  • Change your perspective and help train your brain to be positive, so you can lead others through a positive 90% lens.

  • Kind leadership will transform how you lead and inspire you to leave a positive legacy.

Presentation Options

Darci's highly acclaimed presentation is available at times ranging from a one-hour keynote to a half-day workshop. This message can be delivered live or as an interactive webinar.

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