No Worries

I like the quote that says, “Be kind to the people you meet for everyone is fighting some kind of battle.” Plato

I try to practice that. I like to show patience. I like to use the words “no worries” wherever I can. When I have to wait in line, my order is taking too long and someone bumps into me, I don’t own why they are late or rude.

I have faith that everyone has a story and some a battle go with it. I can choose to offer a bit of kindness.

Darci and SoulWheat

The SoulWheat trio sat together two short months ago …”oh if we can get a dozen of today’s Thought-Leaders to respond to our question for launch day that will be awesome” – and then there were 26!

We are grateful in a way that words inadequately describe. So if you will accept this small token: you were one of the original 26 who believed in us – we will carry you in our hearts (and SOULS of course!) forever.

So check out your beautiful photo and definition in the March 27th posting at