Feed Your Folks

Reading an interview with Anthony Baratta – a world class designer he said, “When I am doing any construction job, I bring a big box of donuts and coffee to the job site every morning for the folks working. Being nice always goes a long way.”

Though I would opt for something a bit healthier…. I am sure his “folks” agree.

Roll Up Your Sleeves

It was a very busy hotel restaurant at lunch. Clearly the restaurant was short staffed as we all waited patiently for them to take our orders in our short lunch hours. The manager of the hotel kept appearing and asking people how they were going from table to table, doing a wonderful job of checking in with how people were enjoying their stay.

I couldn’t help but think, “Why don’t you offer to help the staff instead?” He could clearly see that the restaurant was packed and you could see the frustration on some people’s faces. Why didn’t he pour some water or ask the serving staff what he could do?

It is awesome when the managers appear and care about how you are enjoying your experience with them but I think he would have won a lot more friends if he would have rolled his sleeves up and helped.

busy servers

Family Meeting

Every couple of weeks we have a family meeting. Family meetings in our house are a chance to sit down and talk about how we are doing as a family.

We all sit comfy in the living room (even our cat Isabella is invited) no technology or telephones. We go around and tell each other a 90% and a 10% of each other.

The 90%s are what we appreciated about each other, something nice someone did, and something positive.

The 10%s are things that we feel we need that person to work on more, hurt feelings etc.

We always start with the 10% and end with the positive.

It is a great way for us to come together as a family and we hope as we are entering into teenage years with our children it will be a way to communicate in a time that might be more difficult.

Though this is not viewed as our children’s favorite family activity, we had family meetings when I was a child and I didn’t like them that much either! I look back now and realize how important they were to us all getting along.

5 Things

Write out 5 things that you love to do.  Bike, walk, read, knit, run, quality time with your children, bath, play hockey?  What is it that you like to do? (that is legal and costs no – or little money)

Now go and make time for those things.  The excuse that we do not have enough time is usually what stops us. But where do we waste time that we could use to do what we love instead.  Two ways that I create more time to do what I love are: #1 Turn off the television #2. Turn off the computer.

Try to spend a week watching half the TV you watch or spend half the time you do on your computer (especially Facebook or Pinterest).  You will be shocked how much time you will have to do what you truly love to do.

How is your day going?

I sit down at this beautiful restaurant on the road. The young staff member approaches my table. When I ask her how she was doing today, she says in an exhausted voice, “Tired! It has been way too busy in here today; we are never busy on Tuesdays.” I place my order.

While I am waiting, I overhear a different staff member approach the table beside me. The people at the table ask the woman serving them, “How are you doing?” She says “Wonderful, we have been so busy today – it is just great that we have so many customers!”

I smiled and compared a 90% answer and a 10% answer.