Mr. Honk at Me

I am driving down the street and I see about a block ahead a guy to my right getting off his motorcycle. For him to get to his house he has to cross the street mid-street. Of course, I slow down to stop and let him cross.

When I stop, the guy behind me absolutely lays on his horn. It wasn’t that I stopped abruptly or didn’t give him enough time to stop, he just felt like honking I guess.

irrate driver

The very big guy with the motorcycle helmet tucked under his arm was crossing the street in front of my van; he hears the guy honking and walks to the car behind me. In a very calm voice, he asks the driver through his open window, “And what exactly are you honking at her for?” The driver said nothing and looked stunned (and scared) that he had been called out.

As “Mr. Motorcycle” waved a thank you to me I thought good for him! I am not brave enough to confront people in cars but I hoped that “Mr. Honk at Me” learned a lesson. Be patient and kind because you never know what big guy is around the corner.