There is a Buddhist tradition called Karuna which symbolizes compassion for others.

The University of Wisconsin says that a two week period of “Compassion Meditation” can increase our feelings of kindness and sympathy towards others.

Let’s try it!

Mission Statements

I have read a lot of company value and mission statements over the years having worked with many organizations.

Often the employees have no idea of their mission statements or they do not properly reflect the company at all or they are a paragraph long and very hard to remember.

I am no branding expert but I would recommend you make a clean, one line mission statement. Get your employees involved in writing it. What is one line that reflects who you are, how happy you want your employees to be and the impression you hope to leave on your customers.

That way people feel buy in and most importantly, they can remember it. Once they remember it, they will use it. Then you can include it in all that you do.

Breathing Space

I called to book an appointment. I asked about a specific time and they were booked, I asked about another time a few minutes later and they were also booked. The manager speaking to me on the phone says, “We don’t book our appointments too close together as I like to give my staff breathing space between customers.” What a wonderful thing to offer his staff…“breathing space.” I think far more companies should implement this. Let’s care more about our employees and less about squeezing every customer in.

The Shrine

I have a cabinet in my office and on top of that cabinet I display the crafts my children have made me over the years. I call it my “shrine”. Our daughter is a teenager now so of course I am getting less and less of those “You’re the greatest Mom- EVER!” crafts. So I cherish them.

Display what your children make for you. It honors them and shows them that you care about them.


A speaker I have admired for years was going to be at a conference I was speaking at. I wondered if I would have the honor of running in to him so I could tell him how much I have enjoyed his books and CDs. I get into the elevator, next stop – he gets on!! I am so excited. I say “How are you?” as he catches me staring at him. He looks at me and answers with a blank look on his face, “Old, fat and tired.” As he got off on the next floor I leaned back stunned.   Never underestimate the impression you leave.

Unpack Your Baggage

Guest post by Darren Lang (Professional Speaker & Trainer)

Is your past sabotaging your present? Mine was.

Many years ago, when I was just eight year’s old, my father passed-away. Dad had always had a heart condition, but his sudden death was entirely unexpected.

I remember feeling absolutely numb that July morning. I was flooded with emotions and had no idea what to do with them. Back then they didn’t have counselors in the schools or anything like that. My mom, two older brothers and I just kind of kept going and did the best we could.

What I didn’t realize that tragic morning is that I had changed forever. The little voice in-side my head said “If this terrible thing could happen, anything could happen.” A strong fear was planted deep inside me.

From that day, when a situation would present itself, that little voice would take over and say, “Oh no Darren, what if?…What if the worst case scenario happens again? What if this doesn’t turn out? What if you can’t do it? What if you’re not good enough?”

This major event shaped who I became and how I looked at my world.

It wasn’t until years later, as an adult, that I realized I was reacting out of fear, rather than responding out of faith to the challenges in my life. No wonder I found myself at the bottom of the “Stress Spiral” dealing with anxiety and depression.

When you react with fear, the old stress switch tends to stay flipped a lot of the time, constantly depleting your serotonin (good mood fluid) levels and making it harder to cope.

When I hit my lowest point, it was with the help of a good counselor that I finally started to realize I had been reacting out of fear since the day I lost my Dad. Only then was I able to face the fear and lean on my faith with a new belief that, “God didn’t make me to live in fear, he made me to learn, grow and believe in all I was capable of.”

This has been a profound turning-point in my life. My journey with depression finally helped me learn a lesson a lifetime in the making and move from fear …to faith.

Thanks for the Inspiration.

HI Darci

I really enjoyed your start to our day.

90% Story: Everyday .. and I mean every day… when I get home, my 16 year old son runs up and asks me how my day was. And every day he hears the same response, “Day was great! How ‘bout you? I get a short briefing on his day and the evening starts. Now most days I am at work by 7 and get home by about 7, but energized by the patients and families I serve and excited to have rich family time. Here’s the point: Last week one evening I overheard him telling a friend, when asked what he wanted to do for a career, “Well, actually I think I want to do the same as my dad. He is a doctor and helps to run a hospital. He seems really happy.” Thanks again for the inspiration.


We Expect…

So often we set up our “rules” based on the negative 10% people. I was speaking at a conference filled with really nice people. They handed out the agenda for the conference and the top line of the agenda read, “We expect respect and cooperation from each employee.” Don’t get me wrong, I am all about laying out your expectations for people. But as they handed that agenda out, there was a lot of grumbling at the table where I was sitting. People felt like there were only one or two that were likely to not be “respectful and cooperate”. My table wondered, why did everyone have to be warned? Good point