Inner Circle

My beautiful cousin Jolene was in my presentation last month. During a sharing portion Jolene suggested that we make sure that the “inner circle” of people in our lives is a group of people that are strong and positive. I have thought a lot about her comment since then and how important that is.

We all have people in our lives that are less than positive yet we have to be around them at work and in our extended family. But what if we made sure the people closest to us are a strong positive inner circle? It made me take a deeper look at who my inner circle is and question whether they are a source of support to me?


Happy New Year! Rather than a new year’s resolution, I choose to go with a theme I can apply to all areas of my life. My theme for 2016 is “Mindful”.

Mindful of how you talk about your work.
Be mindful of the words you choose to tell the story of your work to coworkers, family and friends. People will often reference their job as, “insane, crazy busy, ridiculous” and even “hell”. Is your magnifying glass focused on the 90% or 10%?

When people ask me, “How’s work?” I say, “Wonderful. Totally blessed. Great.” I believe in the law of attraction: “What you focus on… you get more of”. I do have 10%s days but I have to be careful that those days don’t turn into the story that I tell.

Mindful of how you feel when you are with others.
Be mindful of how you feel after you have spent time with others. If they are toxic for you, it is time to move away from them (when we can!). Find coworkers who are happy to sit with, walk at lunch or go to the gym. Negative people rarely change, we have to change and be mindful of the impact they can have on us. I have spent years moving away from negative people. Life is way too short.

I am also mindful of my time when I am with my friends. We have stopped eating and shopping (90% of the time!) and replaced it with walking, running errands or cooking together.

Mindful with who you are to your family members.
Darren and I have been married for 20 years this year. I need to be mindful of creating time for Darren. We get so busy with our careers and our children and we need to make sure we are scheduling in time in our calendar for each other. Even a simple, mindful lunch together can reconnect us.

Being a mom of teenagers basically means I am a taxi driver. I love spending time with them and this is a great way for me to do that. This year, I am making sure I am mindful of the Mom they need me to be. I want to be a great listener, know their teachers, their friends and how they are feeling.

Mindful of how you treat yourself.
Nothing will change in your life unless you change the way you view yourself. We have to learn to see ourselves through a 90% lens. Be mindful of how you take care of yourself. Don’t spend another year stuck in the 10%s. Enough excuses!

What will your theme be this year? Heal, simplify, cope, clean or rejuvenate?

Cheers to a mindful 90% year!


I was touring the call centre where I would be speaking to the staff that afternoon. As I passed the decorated cubicles I noticed a sign that said “if you feel overwhelmed you are”. I agree the times I have felt overwhelmed…I was.

I have a three times complain rule. So if I feel overwhelmed more than three times in a row I will work towards changing it. Overwhelmed is not a 90% feeling, we need to take care of ourselves first.

Attach Now!

When we first starting emailing (remember way back)? I learned a trick from a colleague Tim that I still use today. Whenever you say you are going to attach something, attach it the second you type you are going to. Rather than writing you are going to attach it, just do it. Don’t wait to finish typing the email to attach or you know what will happen, you have to go back and say “sorry forgot the attachment.” Better yet, put who you are emailing too, then the attachment, and then write the email!

Positively Service

conference room
Ok banquet rooms. You know how you post the name of the conference outside the conference door? Please ask the client what THEY want printed on those signs. I often overhear my client say “It’s not called that.” They take the information off the house order, contract etc., but often it is not the name of the conference itself. It makes it very hard for people to find the right banquet room in the hotel.