On my birthday twelve years ago, I was standing on my driveway with my four-year-old and two-year-old playing in the front yard. I was feeling particularly tired from a busy day with my toddlers.

I complained to my neighbour about turning 35 that day. She stopped in her tracks, spun around and said, “Don’t ever complain about a birthday. A birthday is a celebration of life! It is a gift of another year healthy, another year you are alive!” This was coming from a woman who had lost her daughter, husband, and grandson. I stood humbled on that driveway and vowed to never complain about another birthday again.

Last year, I was reminded again of the importance of seeing my birthday through my 90% lens, the gift of another year. I had the honour of working with and speaking on the same stage with Dionne Warner. Have you met this incredible woman? Dionne is an eight-time, cancer survivor and continues to fight for her life. A big part of her message is to celebrate life, celebrate birthdays as they are a gift of another year alive.

My family was so touched by her courageous story that when our son John was asked at school, “Who inspires you the most in your life?” John told the class, “Dionne Warner”. John had a chance to meet Dionne last week as she was honoured with the Regina Citizen of the Year Award.

So my reader friend, celebrate your birthdays, they are a gift. Never complain again about getting another
year older. All my new friend Dionne hopes for is…another birthday.

Go celebrate,

Pop & Chips

I am very healthy person and I eat healthy food 90% of the time. The challenge I have is when family and friends stay at our house, that don’t eat healthy, I don’t own the food they want to eat. At first I wouldn’t buy what they liked because I wanted to influence their healthy eating choices. Then I realized one day that in not buying their food I was actually judging them. It was like I was saying “I don’t approve of how you eat so you can eat like me for a weekend.” How judgmental. So years ago I stopped doing that.

If the people coming to stay at my house like pop and chips, then I buy pop and chips. It is not my right to tell them how they should eat. I pride myself on being a non-judgmental person and I was being judgmental. Do I want them to eat better and feel better? Of course! But that’s their choice and it’s not my place to judge them.


Three sweet little ones all under the age of three are waiting at the airport arrival with their Mom and Dad. They are just vibrating with excitement. I had to see who was lucky enough to be coming down that escalator to meet them.

As the toughest looking 6’4 guy on the plane stepped on the top of the escalator, you could see the tears in his eyes when he spotted them yelling as loud as they could, “Poppa Poppa Poppa”. They jumped into his big burly arms and he held all three at once while tears ran down his cheeks. He kissed those grandchildren and hugged them and twirled them around. They were so happy to see their “Poppa”.
He put down his fans and went over and hugged the Mom and the Dad and said “I love you guys” to both of them.

What is your welcoming committee like at the airport when you get home? Let’s treat the people we love so well that they are that excited to see us.