More Positive Websites is a great feel good sites. It has real stories of people and animals doing things to make the world a better place.

Another great site is: It contains real situations of people and animals showing compassion towards one another during some extreme times of need. A very feel good site.

Attitude Ripples Out

Thank you Henry for sharing this story during my presentation.

“I know a very happy woman that I do business with. I asked her, “How are you so happy all the time.”

She said, “In my business, I have the chance to meet about 20 people a day. If I am kind to those 20 people and make their day a little better, then I believe that those 20 people go out into the world happier and my kindness affects everyone. Not only the people I have met but all of the people that they then meet in their day.”

How true. I say that our attitude ripples out to those that we work with, those that we serve and those we go home to at the end of the night.

Life Has to Offset Your Stressful Job

I have met a lot of people with very stressful jobs. If you are in a job that is very stressful it is really important that your personal life is full and happy to balance that stress. It is very hard to cope when our tanks are depleted. The book Crisis of Spirit reminds me that our lives must be an offset of the stress we feel at work.

Smiling Too Much

In the CFL Eastern final game last season, they interviewed Henry Burris.

When Henry played for the Roughriders, I loved that he was always smiling. In
the interview, he said he is often accused of smiling “too much”.
All I could think was, “Is that a bad thing?”