On My Way to TJX!

I am on my way to Mississauga, Ontario today to speak to TJX! Yes TJX Winners, Marshalls, Homesense Head office! If you know me, you will know I am a huge fan of TJX so this is a very exciting trip!

I will send you fashionable pictures from the road! My job may definitely have its 10%s with cancelled flights, lost luggage and icy highways but there are so many 90%s to offset that.

Have a great Tuesday!

Speaking for Investors Group

In sunny Saskatoon today working with one of my longest supporting clients, Investors Group. Thank you Colin and Gina for inviting me. I am proud to be speaking at their awards event for their staff and they have invited their spouses and partners as well. What a wonderful idea.

Great Stress Article

In the theme of being stress free this week, I wanted to post this great stress article from Louise Hay.

“Dear Friend,
Stress is a fear reaction to life and to the constant change that is inevitable. Stress has become a catchword: we use it as an excuse for not taking responsibility for our feelings, above all our fear. But if you can equate stress with fear—and understand that feeling stressed is really a fearful reaction—you can begin to eliminate the need for stress in your life.

A peaceful, relaxed person is neither frightened nor stressed. So if you’re feeling stressed, ask yourself what you are afraid of. Most people have a long list of worries, with things like work, money, family, and health at the top. Your concern then becomes how to eliminate the fear and move through life feeling safe. You can start by doing your mirror work and practicing positive affirmations. When you do this, you can replace your negative, constricting thoughts with positive thoughts that create peace, joy, harmony, and a stress-free life.

There is an expression I like to use a lot: the totality of possibilities. I learned it from one of my early teachers in New York. This expression always gave me a taking-off place for letting my mind go beyond what I thought possible—far beyond the limited beliefs I grew up with.
As a child, I did not understand how much of the criticism grown-ups heaped on me was not deserved. It was their reaction to a stressful or disappointing day. But I accepted their criticism as true, and the negative thoughts and beliefs about myself that I internalized were limitations that conditioned my life for many years. I may not have looked awkward or dumb or silly, but I sure felt it.

Most of our beliefs about life and about ourselves are formed by the time we are five years old. We may expand on them a little as teenagers and maybe a tiny bit more when we are older, but very little changes overall. If I were to ask you why you hold a certain belief, you would almost certainly trace it back to a decision you made when you were a young child.

So we live in the limitations of our five-year-old consciousness. These limitations often stop us from experiencing and expressing the totality of possibilities. We think things like I’m not smart enough. I’m not organized. I have too much on my plate. I don’t have enough time. How many of you are letting limiting beliefs stop you?

You have a choice to accept these limitations or to go beyond them. Remember: the limitations you feel are all in your mind and have nothing to do with reality. When you learn to drop your limiting beliefs and allow yourself to move into the totality of possibilities, you will discover that you are good enough. You do have what it takes. You can handle whatever is on your plate. And you have all the time you need. You can see all sorts of possibilities, and you are capable of remarkable things.

Let’s affirm: I become more confident and proficient every day. There are no limits to my abilities.”

Happy Tuesday!

It is exam week for my teenagers in the Lang house and they are stressed out! We all go through stressful times in our lives and when we do, we need to focus on the basics first: sleep, nutrition and exercise. It is so hard to go into a stressful time with depleted tanks. Focus on keeping you well first. It requires you to let go of the 10%s. I will sacrifice a clean car,
a clean house and laundry done for a peaceful mom. It is a lot easier to deal with the stressed out people when YOU are rested and nourished yourself. I tell my teenagers, “I will be a strong support to you this week so you can get done what you need to do.” I have to make sure I don’t give at my own personal cost.

Good luck with exams students and good luck to the parents who are supporting them.

Another Person to Celebrate

After speaking at the Willows Golf and Country Club in Saskatoon yesterday, I wanted to send a shout out to Matthew who carried my heavy stuff from my car! Katrina was awesome. Both so helpful throughout the day helping me to get set up.

As I was leaving Katrina surprised me and tucked a small box of food for me to snack on while I traveled back to Regina. I didn’t discover it until I loaded my bag into the car and it truly made me smile. Way to go Katrina. Thank you for your small act of kindness.

Celebrating Great Service

In the theme of celebrating, I want to celebrate the great people I meet on the road. I was having lunch Moose Jaw at the Moose Jaw spa and the service from Stephanie was outstanding. I wanted to celebrate Amanda. Amanda is one of the managers at Temple Garden Mineral Spa and every time she passed you in the hallway or passed by my lunch table she smiled or said, “Hi.” When I speak on Customer Service, I stress how important it is that EVERYONE in the building make their guests feel welcome.That simple act of making eye contact and saying hi does make people feel special. I know Amanda is a “people person” so it comes easy for her to do that. If you are not a people person and you serve the public, you have to do one of two things: learn how to become a people person or please get a new job that does not require you to pretend.

Colliers Saskatchewan

Thank you Colliers Saskatchewan for an incredible afternoon yesterday. What a warm and inviting group of people! One of the many things Colliers does that impresses me is the number of times a year they bring their staff together and celebrate them. I know companies are “busy” but people need to be treated and celebrated to feel valued. Collier values Service, Expertise, Community and Fun! Nice to see a company that truly lives their values.