Yesterday was a tough 10% day. I woke up early with a huge list and a very well laid out plan. My body wanted me to start the day by meditating and I thought “no way — I have way too much to do!” But I gave in to a very calm start.

Thank God I did. The next part of my day took a 10% turn and my finely laid out plan blew up.

So I recalibrated. Rather than focusing on what I wanted to get done and what I thought would happen, I switched my thinking to what HAS to happen.

The first thing I did was change my flight to the last one of the day. It gave me the space I needed to deal with my day. I threw out my plan and thought, “What do I need to do first?” And once I finished, I asked, “What is next?” I took huge cleansing breaths all day and focused on feeling my feet on the ground (a trick I use for re-grounding when I am spinning out). I kept asking, “What can I control here? And then working on that.”

I gave up answering every email, my writing deadline and a clean house.

I think I am going to start every day with a calm mediation now, then I am equipped for whatever happens!