Received this recently from a woman who attended one of my presentations.

“I saw you speak and I must say it was amazing. Today I was standing in a line at the store (it had just opened at 8AM) and there was an elderly gentleman at the cash, a woman in front of me, and then myself. The older gentleman was holding up the line and, yes, in my head, I was like, “Please, just hurry up!” until an elderly woman walked up to the cashier. The line had grown behind me to seven people waiting to be put through. The woman said to the cashier, “Can you not open another cash? Can’t you see the line? I’ve worked retail, too, you know, and you never let the line grow like this.” She proceeded to go on. The cashier made eye contact with me and smiled as she called for another cashier.

I turned to the older lady and said, “The girl is doing a great job. She’s working on a Saturday, smiling, her shift started 27 minutes ago on a day she could be out with friends.” I looked at the cashier and said, “Am I right?” She smiled. I then said to the older woman, “If she’s holding you up for another place you need to be, it’s not her fault, and whatever has you uptight remember you are going to leave this store and carry on with your day, she’s here.” I told the cashier she was doing great and to have an awesome day.

Before I heard you speak, I would normally have said nothing. It felt awesome.”

Crowd of unrecognizable people wait in line in a urban setting, outdoors.
People standing in a queue.

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