Month four. Wow, month four of a completely new normal. How are you doing? No really…how are you doing?
It is hard to see the 90%s when this 10% time in the world has been difficult for so many. I get that. These difficult times can sure reveal our true selves
Despite the 10%s, can we still find 90%s in this difficult time? It is not always easy juggling all we juggle in the Lang house a but I wanted to share something I do to reset when I am feeling overwhelmed. I know when I am starting to feeling 10% and I take action right away. Firstly, I completely unplug then I go outside. I feel my feet on the ground, , close my eyes, feel the sun on my face and breath very very deeply. Then I intentionally focus on something I am grateful for. I let that feeling of gratitude wash over me. Then I pick something else I am grateful for. With my eyes closed I let that feeling bring a smile to my face. If I am not smiling yet, I pick something else.
I open my eyes and I reenter the house in a kinder more loving way. Some days… I have to go out and do it again.
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