Happy Belated New Year!

My theme for 2019 was Embrace and I truly could not have picked a better word for this past year. I embraced so many 90%s and completed the year by being inducted into the Speakers Hall of Fame; however, last year was not short of 10%s. I needed to embrace some big 10%s in my personal life.

Which leads to my theme for 2020: Joy. Dealing with 10%s in life can have a way of stealing some of our joy. One of the bonuses of being a motivational speaker is that you have to show up joyful and happy! This keeps me grounded and gives me perspective. I need to be at my best in order to inspire others to live their 90%s.

This year is going to be a full one. I am blessed with a busy travel schedule. I get to spend time in the studio producing new videos. I’ll continue to post on social media. And I am being called to write a third book. Rather than feel overwhelmed, I will bring JOY to all of that abundance.

I will bring joy to my home that needs me to be a joyful person. I will not be feeling overwhelmed with what I cannot control and I will constantly ask, “What is good today?”

I will bring joy to myself and make sure I am doing things that fill my tank. I will focus on exercise, meditation, sleep and nutrition. I will ask myself, “What will bring joy to me today?”

I will share my joy with people I meet. As I sit in an airport writing this, I do not see a lot of people who look like they have joy in their lives. I will do all I can this year to be an example of joy.