10%s First

Young woman writes to black diary on a white table

Just like you, there are 10%s in my job I do not like. I always make it a rule to do what I don’t like FIRST. I am a list maker and I make my list for the day then I immediately do what I dislike doing, first. I find if I don’t do it right away I spend time avoiding it and carrying that task into the next day…and then the next day. Doing the 10% first allows me to move to the parts of my job I do love. Because I really I love 90% of what I do. Try it. Make your list for the day and immediately tackle what you don’t like first. The rest of the day is spent doing what you love!

A Great Idea!

I checked into the hotel recently and the carpets in the hallway looked super dirty. The rest of the hotel is nice and clean.

I noticed they have these signs up everywhere.

hotel carpet sign

What a great idea! If you know people are going to be “focusing on the 10%s” and might notice and comment on the carpets, why not address it!

Throw Money At It.

I was working with a group of farmers and one the men said, “If you can throw money at it, it isn’t a problem.”

Of course his point was once you have your health and your family is healthy, everything else can be solved. Interesting reflection.

Best Ever Idea

Instead of putting my family in my contact list on my phone under their first name, I have put them under special headings. My husband is his nick name, our daughter is “best girl ever” etc. It makes me smile when a call is coming in from them and their special name shows on my screen.

Stolen Goods

My camera and video camera were stolen while we were at a hockey tournament. I put them in a corner poolside while I watched the boys on the waterslide and when I returned, our camera and video camera were gone. Of course, I spent days trying to track down the person who took them. I offered a reward if they would just return the memory cards, etc. Luckily I had most of it backed up on the computer (which I now do more regularly!).

But what was especially interesting, were people’s responses when I told them what happened. It varied from “you just can’t trust anyone these days” to “well I guess someone needed that camera more than you did.” How would you respond?

Leaving Your Mark

We have the best veterinarian clinic for our cat Isabella. Everyone in the clinic is so kind. I was commenting to my veterinarian about how impressed I was with his employee Velda. She is truly one of the most positive employees I have ever met. The Vet laughed and said “the only challenge we have with Velda is getting the lipstick off the animals because she kisses them all as she brings them to the back.”


What a great way to be known! As the woman who leaves her “mark” of kindness.

Get On the Bus

I love the story of the man who gets on the bus and says to the driver, “What are the people in this city like?” The bus driver asks him, “What were the people in your last city like?” The man replies, “Rude, unreasonable and ungrateful”. The bus driver said, “Then I think you will find them the same here”.

The next person gets on the bus and asks the driver, “What are the people in this city like?” The bus driver asks, “What were the people in your last city like?” The person replies, “Warm, loving and kind.” The bus driver said, “I think you will find them the same here.”

I really do think it is all about how you view people. I look for kindness everywhere I go.


I often work in a small community and a woman asked me during one of my presentations, “What if I feel stuck in the job I have? I live in a small community with very few employment options and I don’t have the education to look for something better. How can I find the 90%s in that?” I reminded her that there are still many 90%s. She has a job, in a community that does not have many options she has a great option – despite how she sees it.  Find the good in the job, make a list and focus on what is good. Secondly, I reminded her to hang out with the people at work who do not feel stuck themselves. We feel a lot worse about what we do if we hang out with others who feel bad too. I encouraged her to seek out those who do find joy.

She emailed me after and said she did that…. She is now seeing the 90%s and hanging out with those who do too.