I am heading into two days with four webinars. So, blessed!  Don’t complain about busy. Busy is a wonderful problem to have.  “I am so busy”, is such an automatic response when you ask people how they are.  No one wants to hear how busy we are.  We are all busy, no one cares.  Change your language around busy.

A 90% of doing webinars is that you can do two in a day!

My first webinar is with RBC Group Advantage with team members across Canada.  The person who hires me for a webinar is the first impression of your company. RBC Group Advantage you should be very proud that Jodi Rasmussen-Witte is your first impression!

If you are in the business of attracting others to your business remember that every where you go and everyone you talk to is a potential client!

How do you treat others?


My second webinar today is with Cancarb – a thermal black carbon company. One of the many 90%s of my job is learning about others companies. It is amazing to me that one of the worlds largest thermal carbon black production facilities is located right in Medicine Hat, Alberta.  I have been speaking for 27 years and when people ask me if I ever get bored of my job I say, “How could I get bored?” each event is different and learn so much about what others do.