Good morning I’m on my way to Unity SK today to speak to one of my favourite – a credit union! As I drive I’m looking at the farm houses and I’m reminded of the message I gave the farmers at CropSphere last week. 2019 was a very difficult year for agriculture so I reminded the farmers that in difficult times to focus on what they can control. I challenged them to not only clean up their barns, their shops and get their machinery working and any home renovations they might have but I also challenged them to make sure they are well themselves. It’s important in difficult 10% times that we do not self-sabotage and that we take good care of ourselves. Maybe we need to eat better, sleep better, stop drinking, stop smoking, take a break from Facebook, take a break from social media and the news, and focus on doing something that is going to keep us well and happy instead. Have a wonderful Tuesday.