Working from home now? Welcome to my reality. I have been working from home for twenty years and if you have people in your house with you, you will quickly discover, no matter where you hide, it is easy to become distracted.
Stay the course. Get up, get semi-dressed (not pajamas) and stick to a schedule. I get it, it will vary with this crew home but find times to work when they are the most distracted. Play with the schedule. I have had to!! I usually get up super early and I work like crazy in the early mornings. I have switched that up. I wake up and spend some rare and glorious time alone before teenagers start emerging.
My last piece of advice, is stay razor focused and get your work done. I know the instinct will be to put a load of laundry in etc. Just get in, get it done and then be off. Keep your lives separate where you can.
Take deep breaths of GRATITUDE that you have a job still, a pay cheque and the health to work from home!