Baby I’m worth it, will be my theme song to go with my “Worthiness” theme this year!
At the beginning of the year we picked themes rather than New Years Resolutions. I created a download for you to help you pick your theme for this year, what was yours, and have you continued to use it in your daily, weekly or monthly routine? If you did not receive the FREE download make sure to DM me, and I will send your way, so you can join us for the rest of the year!
If you are having a down day you have to pump this song! I promise you it will make you feel better.
I believe in treating yourself, and it is my favorite thing to do, sometimes you just need to blast your favorite music. And when I do, Baby I’m worth it is the song for me to dance around to. My family LOVES when I do this….
Share your song below that matches your ‘theme’ for this year!