Sandra here, Darci’s assistant. Darci has been blessed with a number of presentations this month and that really makes the days fly. So she’s asked me to share my 90% from this week.

When Darci and I are busy, it’s easy to forget to think about what went right during the week. Often we are either focused on how to correct a 10% so it doesn’t happen again or on what is needed for the upcoming week. But this week, I heard back from one of Darci’s customers and it brought a smile to my face. A gentleman who had ordered a number of Darci’s books by email took a few minutes out of his busy day to let Darci know that our customer service was excellent and then, not content to just have Darci pass the message along, he emailed me with the compliment as well. What a wonderful email to receive! It made my day!

And it made me think. Who provides me with great service? Do I remember to thank them or do I only comment on the poor service? Even at home, do I thank my husband when he prepares an excellent dinner or my daughter when she remembers to put her dishes in the dishwasher? It’s something to think about. Now I’m going to try and “make someone else’s day”! How about you?

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  1. Jean

    Thanks for the reminder to compliment others.
    Just found the blog today, attached to Darci’s newsletter. Thanks for the heart warming stories, and the tears.

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