Your Family : Choices

Choices. We make hundreds of them every day right! From the moment we wake up, our decision-making process begins. Sure, some of the choices we make throughout the day are incidental, with minimal impact to ourselves and others. But what about those key choices we make daily that influence and impact our family and others?  How do you enter your home at the end of a long day? You can choose how to walk through the door and engage with your family. Take a moment, before you make one of the most important choices of your day. Choose positive.

Listen to the Whispers

Taking care of yourself is so important. I have heard countless stories of how people nurture their gardens, their homes, family & friends so they may thrive and reach their potential. The sad thing is people often forget to apply that same loving attitude towards themselves. Treat your body & mind as you would your garden, feed it the good nutrients it needs to grow and be healthy. We have all experienced little health scares that make us pause and reflect on what we could have done to have prevented it. Those little scares are your body’s way of whispering to you to take better care of yourself.

Thank You SaskCentral!

It was an honour to speak to SaskCentral yesterday and meet their new CEO, Shawn Good. I was invited to hear Shawn’s message and new strategy roll-out before I spoke, and it was fantastic. If you have read my book, “Lead the 90%”, you know I stress the importance of storytelling and Shawn told amazing stories.
If you want to captivate your team, we can’t just share strategy, process and policy, especially in a Zoom and slide deck, fatigued world. Tell a story to illustrate your points. Weave in your personal examples, other team members or customer examples. It creates a human connection that helps you to connect with others in an authentic way.