I attended a conference where they asked all of the attendees to share with the person beside you, what your last three Google searches were…it was very eye opening for me!
I was excited as the room began to interact with each other, I turn to the woman sitting next to me and with a big smile on my face I was ready to see what she has been searching on Google.
Her name was Margaret and I don’t think she was prepared for me to be her partner. We looked at each other and Margaret went first…here are her last 3 Google searches:
1. Cream Chicken
2. Soup in the city
3. Love real food
Now it was my turn, I smiled and shared with Margaret in return. To those of you who know me this might not come at a surprise. My last 3 Google searches were:
1. Tropical Armoires
2. Regina Weather
3. Hottest website designs
It’s your turn… What were your three Google searches?