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Focus on the 90%

Motivational Speaker, Trainer and Author

Darci Lang

Her life is her message

Darci Lang is a dynamic speaker with an empowering message that will shift the audience's perspective on how they look at life and everyday challenges. test

Empower your staff to:

  • develop the skills needed to cope during stressful situations.

  • build more positive work relationships without sacrificing precious personal energy.

  • cope with negative people.

  • become the uplifting influence on those around them.

  • discover the strength they already have within.

  • move forward in their careers.

Promotional Video

There TEST is something for everyone to discover in Darci's enduring message of positivity which has positioned her as a sought-after speaker at countless events. Experience this life-changing presentation either in-person or in a webinar.


Book Darci

Darci has 4 inspiring presentations that will help your attendees incorporate her 90% philosophy into their work and personal lives.

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Embrace the 90% Flat Lay (1).png
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Lead the 90% Flat Lay.png

Darci was a much anticipated presenter for our sales meeting. She was highly recommended before we engaged her. Not only did her presentation resonate with our team, it has encouraged people to actually build out business and personal plans on how to take her message and make it a part of their every day lives. Not only was she entertaining but her message had great impact on our team. I would highly recommend her.

Empire Life

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