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Focus on Inclusion! (March 2024)

Nothing inspires inclusion more than seeing people through a 90% lens. If you put a magnifying glass in front of you and see people with compassion, empathy, and understanding, what connects us, unites us, and makes us the same is the ultimate inclusion message.


As we celebrate International Women's Day this month, the theme this year for IWD is Inspire Inclusion. You know, once a year, strangely, someone will come up to me after a presentation and say to me, "I don’t like motivational speakers". What? Firstly, of course, that is super rude, but I am always intrigued by their belief system. So I always challenge them, and I say, "Why? Why don’t you like us?" And they’ll tell me stories of how they have seen somebody who they didn’t resonate with, who they thought was fake, or all fluff. So I ask them, "Based on your one experience, with another motivational speaker, you have now labelled all of us as somebody you don’t like?" Isn’t that what we do? We see people through a 10% lens, and we have this belief system that everyone around them is like that. So, how about for International Women’s Day, we inspire inclusion and challenge our belief systems to start seeing people through a lens of love!


Inspire others.

Join me the week of March 5 as we focus on the benefits of a diverse, equitable and inclusive society

Inspire Inclusion International Women's Day

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