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Mastering Self Care: 9 Keys to a Healthier, Happier You!

Darci Lang Q&A Time! Question 2

To recap, for the next few weeks leading into the holidays, I am excited to share the five most popular questions asked during an event. Here we go with Question number 2!

How do you maintain self-care for the long haul?

Self-care is a lifelong journey, with benefits every step of the way. This topic has had such an impact on my life, and I am always excited to answer this question. When you are working on self-care, you NEED to be selfish. It is about worthiness and believing you are worth it; it is about wanting to be around for a long, healthy life and to meet my great-grandchildren! Taking care of yourself means your family gets the best version of you. It’s not fair if my family gets a lesser version.

Self care can be complex, as taking ruthless care of yourself requires a committed deep dive into you. As an example, if the things you eat, watch, read about or do don’t make you feel better, or contribute to your well-being, why invest in them?

My answer to this question, and what has helped me grow in this area, actually involves nine key components listed here. (Full version summary in the link below).

  • Just Start

  • Feed Yourself First

  • Sleep

  • Nutrition

  • Exercise

  • Meditation

  • Acupuncture

  • Affirmations

  • Positive Messages

In my Living the 90% book, I dedicate 18 pages to this topic in Chapter 5 – Take Ruthless Care of Yourself. Each one of these key components of my self-care plan can be its own blog lol… So, when responding to the question, I encourage people just to start. Identify just one thing that can improve how you feel. I know if I am rested, nourished and taken care of, I am ready for anything life throws my way. If you are depleted and something depleting happens in your life, you will not have the strength to fight it.

Let’s start taking care of you!

It’s time to rewrite that old story. It is actually selfish to not take care of yourself. It depletes you and affects your entire life.

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- Darci Lang

Tune in next week for question number 3!

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