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National Dog Rescue Day

Pets are my support; every mother needs a pet for unconditional love during parenting.

National Rescue Dog Day has been an official annual celebration since 2018. The day highlights that all abandoned, abused, or rescued dogs need a forever home.

As a mom, I know first-hand how exhausting and trying parenting can be. That's why I'm so grateful for my furry companion, who always offers unconditional love and support when I need it most. That's the beauty of pets - they don't judge or criticize us; they show us love and brighten our lives.

That's why today, on National Rescue Dog Day, I encourage all women struggling to consider adopting or rescuing a dog. Not only will you give a deserving animal a forever home, but you'll also have an incredible source of support and motivation in your daily life.

I truly believe that belief, support, and motivation can come from any source - including our furry friends. So go ahead, ladies: let's give some pups the love they deserve while finding a lifelong companion who will always believe in us.

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