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Random Acts of Kindness (September)

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Random Acts of Kindness. Choose Kind.

I love to walk my dog, Holly, in a cemetery by my house. I have this lovely path out of my back gate, past a seniors’ apartment, past the church and through the open gates of the cemetery. Walking is therapy for me.

Walking alongside the seniors apartments, I always wave and say hi to anyone with their patio doors open or sitting on their deck. Without fail, there is always an older woman sitting in her chair right beside the door. She is always smiling and usually has company, one or two younger women with her. I stop, smile, wave and exchange a few words through the open door in the summer. In the winter, I wave through the closed door. It warms my heart because every time she and her company wave and visit, they always have a smile and a kind word for me. Without fail, every season, every walk.

For the last few days, the window and blinds have closed for the first time ever.

I was walking in the cemetery last week, and two women I had never met approached me. They explained they were the other women I noticed in the apartment, visiting their special mom. They told me through tears that their beloved mom had passed away. They said how much it meant to their mom that I always took the time to smile, wave and exchange a few words with her. She loved dogs and loved my sweet girl, Holly.

I hugged them goodbye and teared up my entire walk, thinking about how those exchanges meant so much to me. I had no idea it meant something to her, too.

I cannot wait for the next person to move in. I keep watching that closed blind in hopes of one day walking by, seeing it open and introducing myself.

If you want kindness, spread kindness.

– Darci Lang



The best way to recharge your kindness is to live it.

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