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Embrace the 90%

"How to Slay Fear, Defy Your Labels And Love Yourself."


If women want to live a full, happy and authentic life, they need to pick up their big imaginary magnifying glass and embrace what is great in their lives and what is not.


This book will challenge women to take a really good look at the person in the mirror, your fears, the labels you were given and the lack of self-love. Let's focus on the 10%s. If you grew up in a family where rather than dealing with your problems they were swept under the carpet, you know you have tripped over those problems your entire life. Let's pick up the corner of your carpet and pull out every problem you have swept under there. One at a time. Then, you can see your life through a 90% lens. I want women to love themselves fully and to question why they don't.

People need proof that what you will share with them will work. 


I am the proof. 


My stories are the proof. 


This book is proof. 


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Embrace the 90%

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