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My Favourite Things.

Raindrops on Roses…

My client Sherri gave me a great idea. She said, “I am turning 52 years old, so I am

going to make it a year of celebrating me.” She has made a list of 52 of her

favourite things and has committed to doing something special for herself once a

week Sherri told me, “The life challenges that arise are cushioned by the

celebration and nurturing of my soul.” Since 2023 is all about showing up, I was

so impressed that she was showing up for herself in such an amazing way.

I loved this idea so much that I will incorporate this for April. Rather than doing a

year of my favourite things, I will do a month of them. So, for the next thirty days,

I will share thirty of my favourites! They will be something I love, I can’t live

without, that makes me happy and helps me run my business.

Life can be very stressful. We need to find ways to balance the challenging 10%s

and nurture our soul. What do you love, can’t live without, and makes you

happy? When I speak at women’s conferences, I often ask women to write them

down. For some people, it has been a long time since they thought about what

their favourite things are! Then I challenge them to find more time in their

calendar for what they love, get out from behind a screen and show up for their


The last quote in my Embrace the 90% book is from Michael Bernard Beckwith,

and it says, “If this experience were to last forever, what quality would have to

emerge for me to have peace of mind?”

Relating Michael’s quote to the theme of this April Booster, I would add another

layer to his quote: If this experience were to last forever, what do I need to DO to

have peace of mind – and happiness?

I post on social media daily, follow me and let’s share our favourite things this month!

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