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Using the focus on the 90%

Recently one of my audience members sent me this email. I was so inspired, I thought I would share it with you.

Hi Darci,

Your presentation to us was so inspiring and really got me thinking about my life (single mother of two children) and if I was really happy. I knew I wasn’t but wasn’t sure what to do about it. I started reading your book on the commute home and finished it when I woke up the next morning. When my daughter came into my room in the morning, she saw the magnifying glass that came with your business card; so of course, she was asking me where it was from. I told her about the presentation and your message of focusing on the good things and appreciating what we have. I told her how it’s important to be happy in life etc and her comment back to me was “well you’re not happy Mummy, you’re always complaining about work”. This broke my heart. It’s true as I did complain a lot. There were no growth prospects for me and I was stuck in a rut but I didn’t know what to do.

Let me back up a bit now and mention some friends of mine who live in beautiful coastal community. I met up with them and some of their friends recently. They were talking about where they live and how it was such a great place to raise children, and how it’s such a great community etc etc.

This peaked my interest but does one really just up and move from the city to a lovely rural area? My boyfriend had never been to this area so I took him over there and we both fell in love with it and realized we had to make this work.

Back up number two….my children are both incredibly creative and artistic and they attended a children’s art studio in the city. This is an amazing place. My friends (the ones from the lovely coastal community) were visiting me one weekend and were admiring some of the canvasses on my wall that my children had painted. They commented that they wished their area had such a cool program for kids. This was my epiphany…! I got in touch with the art studio to ask about franchises. The more I heard about it the more I liked it and they said that I’d be a good fit for them…so…..I bought the franchise!

I just sold my house, I have a place to rent over there while I get settled (and kids get used to their new school) and I resigned today. I will start focusing on my business in the fall when the family have settled in more.

It’s quite a drastic change and nobody can believe it but I’m so excited to be a business owner in a gorgeous environment, amongst a lovely community (which is already very artistic but there is nothing like this for children). I have no doubt that it will be very busy but I can be around my children more and be a better role model for them too. This is what I love most of all. I can’t wait.

I was turning 36 a few days after your presentation and I just didn’t like the fact that my life was pretty much mapped out for the next decade unless I chose a different path. It was your presentation that really made me realize that something in my life had to change, and within less than two months I’m on my way to making it all happen.

Thank you so much. I probably couldn’t have done it without you.

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