I am speaking to the Alberta Young Leaders group in Calgary today. When people say (which they do!) “Our youth don’t know how to work.” I always respond, “Well who is teaching them?” Don’t know how to work? Huh? Yes, they do. I have two teenagers in my house who grew up working our business and have had jobs of their own for years.

Everyone starts good then they work with people who say things like “give it time”, “you don’t have to work so hard – you’ll make us look bad” or “quit being so happy, people will want to slap you”.

What do you say when the youth come into your company? Do you say “give it time” or “welcome to the team, this is awesome job and I am here to help if you need.”

There is nothing better than speaking a half day with young energetic people at the beginning of their career. I love nothing more than reminding them, they all have choice. They can show up focused on the 90% and be the example of who they want their staff to be. OR they can show up and only see the 10%s and become tired and old. The choice is theirs.