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Growing into a New Year (January 2024)

Updated: Feb 2

Happy New Year!!  I am so excited for a brand-new year.  As many of you know, I’m not a fan of making a New Year’s resolution; I choose an annual theme instead. My theme this year is GROW.  

How did I pick this theme?  I kept track of the 10% thoughts that I had in 2023, and I looked for a pattern. The pattern was that most of my thoughts were around the worry of getting “it” done. There was no time for growth; it was a year of showing up for what was needed. It was a get done what I can get done kind of year. I was so busy with my schedule, coping with life and doing only what I had to do. I reacted to life as it happened instead of focusing on myself.  Enough of that! I am ready to grow. 

I am ready to grow in all areas of my life. The first thing I want to do is grow my spiritual, meditative and yoga practices. I want to grow my muscle and bone density so I am healthy and vibrant as I age. I want to grow my marriage and focus on more fun as we have come through some tough years.  I want to grow as a mother as I navigate parenting adult children. I want to grow my amazing friendships.  I have been working in my business for so long that it is time to work on it and grow it. I will grow as I write my fifth book for entrepreneurs this winter called Serve the 90%.  

Take some time in a silent space and write out the 10% thoughts that have been running your life this last year.  Look at each area of your life, within yourself, with your relationships and your work.  What theme would you build? When I create a new theme, I buy myself a small ring each year to reflect that theme and remind me of it every day! Think of something small you could purchase or already have to put in front of you as a reminder to live your theme daily! You are special and worthy of a brand-new year! 

Annual Theme for 2024 Free Download
Download PDF • 1.24MB

To growth,


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