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Embracing Mental Health (May 2024)

A call to be kind poster - CMHA

Call to be Kind - CMHA We are so grateful that we live in a time where mental health is being talked about so openly. I have had a front-row seat to experience the challenges of mental health and learned that it is very hard for people who deal with mental health to see the 90%s. At their lowest, their brain can only see the 10%s. You could point out every single amazing thing in their life, and they would not see it. I know people who do not talk about how they feel. They avoid these feelings by drinking, eating, using drugs, gambling, shopping or “Facebooking” their problems away. It is essential to talk about what isn’t working in your life. But … eventually, you need to solve it.

How do you help? There are many ways. Loving someone with mental health is the same as loving someone with a physical health challenge. Show kindness and compassion to those with mental health issues by spending time with them and showing them that little escapes through exercise, nutrition, sleep and meditation can do a world of good. You might think you know exactly what they could do to feel better, but they don’t! So, we encourage. I know many people who have challenges with mental health who say exercise helped them out of some very dark times. Offer your time to walk with them, encourage counselling, change beliefs, heal wounds from the past or meditate. Offer a book that can help, breathing exercises, eating or sleeping better. Simply stated, it’s helping them to take steps towards making the person in the mirror wellNo matter how hard you try to be kind and compassionate to those with mental health around you, make sure you do even more to take care of yourself first.

With compassion & kindness.

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"Getting help takes courage. Don’t be too proud or too tough to ask for what you need.”     

Embrace Book

I have witnessed firsthand the powerful effect mental health challenges have on those around me. I have watched the struggle. I have had a front-row seat. If you are struggling with mental health or know someone who is, read about my experiences and how I learned to embrace it.

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