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Spring Forward (April 2024)

This month, I want to talk about self-love and ask why it is so hard. I believe the degree to which you love yourself is the degree to which you see yourself through a 90% lens, where you have done the deep dive work of healing the person in the mirror, and you are kind and compassionate and loving to yourself, or, the degree to which you see yourself through a 10% lens that self-loathing fear and hatred lens. And the journey for me to go from 10% to 90% has been very long. And why don't we love ourselves? I think that because we weren't taught how or grew up with these belief systems, we were selfish, bragging, and boastful. But how are the people doing that taught you that message? I don't think the world right now needs unhappy people in it or people who are not willing to do the courageous work of looking after the person in the mirror so they don't have to pass the mirror and not be happy with who they see. So, what are you giving the world? Are you giving the world someone who is 90%, who shows up and does the work? If you are not doing the work on the person in the mirror, it's affecting your family, your business, and the community you serve.

Please take care of you and spring forward. 

Darci Lang - Spring Forward Booster for April


"Let's stop passing a mirror and seeing what we don't like. Instead, look right into that mirror and say, 'I love you,' to the person who looks back at us.

Spring forward by paying it forward. Send the gift of Living the 90% to someone who can use a spring into a 90% view of life.

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