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Grow Your Love (February 2024)

I hope you have your theme for 2024 and you are living your theme. My theme this year is Grow. In the month of February and love, let's talk about how to grow your love for others. I love plants, and if you know me, you know I love anything tropical, and I love tropical plants.


Monsteras are one of my favourites, as they symbolize abundance, growth, and new beginnings! The splits in the leaves allow the light to pass through to the lower leaves, stimulating growth and health. Isn't that a great metaphor for how we should live our lives? We should be a shelter for others to open up our love and light so we can be more loving and nurturing in the world around us. So, for February, the month of love, I will challenge you: how are you growing and being more loving to the people around you? In a world that can feel really broken sometimes, the best gift we can give the world is someone who is caring and kind to other people.


In love & growth.

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