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Humble Greatness (October)

Improvise, adapt & overcome.

Humble Greatness.

It was 1987, I was 18 years old, and the ad read, “Looking for a young person to measure men in a tuxedo store.” I thought this job sounded like heaven! When I went to the interview, they said, “Oh, sorry, based on your name, Darci, and your work experience in a Volkswagen garage, we thought you would be a young man. We don’t hire women.” I convinced them to give me an interview. I got the job.

I was terrified. I was young and inexperienced. One of the many people who took me under their wing was Bob. Bob ran the shipping and receiving department, but he knew more than anyone else in the company. I quickly figured out he was the one to learn from. Bob was tough, and whenever I asked him a question, he would bark back, “Rather than me telling you how to do it, get back here and learn how.” And I did. Bob taught me how to measure, tailor, sew, assemble, press, fix machines, take orders, talk to customers, ship and receive. He said, “You need to know all that goes into a tuxedo to give good customer service.”

When I learned to do that, he told management to promote me to outside sales. Bob and I went on the road together when I got that job. Bob took me across three provinces to meet the store owners and taught me the power of caring for others. Two years later, he told me I was experienced enough to go on those road trips alone. I could not have learned what I learned from Bob in any textbook. It was the greatest university I could have ever attended. I bought my own tuxedo rental store when I was just 24 years old. And thanks to him, I knew how to run it.

I credit so much of the entrepreneur I am today to Bob. He believed in me. He saw greatness in me when I couldn’t see it in myself.


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Darci’s leadership quote:

Being humble is being kind. A healthy dose of humility is the ultimate showcase of self-esteem.

- Darci Lang

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