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Time to Think Big! (December)

Your thoughts shape your reality.

One of the greatest things I have done for myself is I have learned to train my brain. Your thoughts can run wild and ruin your day. Thoughts of fear, triggers, insecurities, and worthiness will affect how you show up for yourself and those around you. I have trained my brain by taking out an imaginary magnifying glass-shaped Shepherd’s stick, and when a 10% thought creeps in, I shepherd it over, and I stand fully present in a thought of, “What is good right now?”. I have done extensive work on the woman in the mirror to heal, and so far, nothing I have done has eliminated 10% thoughts. So, rather than letting them run my life, I shepherd them over to play in the field with the other scared sheep.

But here is the key. You can’t leave those thoughts in that field. You need to create silence throughout the day to sort through those thoughts. I wake up, eat lunch, drive and spend time in the evening in silence. This silence allows me to bring those thoughts into the light to sort through what I can control. If you decide to avoid those thoughts with distraction and noise all day, those thoughts will show up when you lay down to sleep. This is the worst time to sort out your day.

I give those thoughts the attention they deserve in the daytime and keep track of them. For January, I will explain how I build next year's theme based on the thoughts that keep coming up over and over again.

Launch into December with a mindset of possibility. Your thoughts shape your reality, so think big, dream boldly, and watch the magic unfold! #MindsetOfPossibility #DecemberMagic

To a new mindset!


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